Exercise For Pregnant Women Good for Child, Lowers Obesity Risk

A recent study conducted by the researchers in the US and New Zealand suggested that inculcating a moderate exercise regime during the time of pregnancy assists the child stay fit later in life by keeping the weight of the child at a normal level in the womb.

However, earlier research has depicted that a higher than normal birth weight is associated to problems with obesity in later life.

According to BBC News, obese or overweight women are highly susceptible to bear overweight babies and also render the body at a high risk of several health problems.

The study is reported to involve about 84 women who were pregnant for the first time. 50% of the women involved were given exercising machines and were made to work out for about 40 minutes regularly for 5 days a week.

The study concluded with evidence that the metabolism of the child is significantly affected by the environment that the child gets inside the womb of the mother.

“Given that large birth size is associated with increased risk of obesity, a modest reduction in birth weight may have long-term health benefits for offspring by lowering this risk later in life”, said Dr Paul Hofman, prime researcher of the study.

Moreover, Doctors have also started recommending women not to indulge in overeating during pregnancy and to follow a light exercise schedule on a regular basis.

In addition, adding to the worry of many, the study revealed that the regime did not inhibit growth and development in the womb.

by Jonathan Sanders
TopNews United States

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