Super Glue

Alternative names 
Glue; Cyanoacrylates; Crazy Glue

Poisoning caused by an overdose of cyanoacrylates.

Poisonous Ingredient

Where Found

  • Various glues

Note: This list may not be all inclusive.


  • Tissue-to-tissue bonding occurs

Home Treatment

Wash exposed areas with warm water immediately. If the glue is on eyelids, keep eyelids separated. If the eye becomes glued shut, seek emergency medical care immediately.

Do not try to peel off the glue - sweat will accumulate under it and lift it off. If fingers or other skin surfaces are stuck together, use a gentle rolling motion to try to separate them.

If these procedures do not work, use some acetone on the area, as long as it is not the eye or tongue.

Before Calling Emergency
Determine the following information:

  • The patient’s age, weight, and condition  
  • The name of the product (ingredients and strengths, if known)  
  • The time of the incident  
  • The part of the body affected

Poison Control, or a local emergency number
They will instruct you if it is necessary to take the patient to the hospital. See Poison Control centers for telephone numbers and addresses. Take the container with you to the emergency room.

What to expect at the emergency room

  • Treat the symptoms.

Expectations (prognosis)
It should be possible to separate the affected parts, as long as the material was not swallowed. Most eyelids separate on their own in 1 to 4 days.

Johns Hopkins patient information

Last revised: December 4, 2012
by Harutyun Medina, M.D.

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