Safety checklist

Alternative names
Checklist for safe homes

How safe is your home? Use this checklist to test your home safety.


  • Have smoke detectors and check the batteries regularly.  
  • Prevent falls from windows, stairs, furniture, and playground equipment.  
  • Keep household cleaners and medicines out of the reach of young children.  
  • Set the water heater no higher than 130 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent burns.  
  • Keep guns locked up and unloaded.


  • Know escape routes from every room in the home.  
  • Know what to do in case of fire at home, at school, and elsewhere.  
  • Wear bike helmets when bicycling.  
  • Follow traffic laws when bicycling.  
  • Look both ways when crossing streets.  
  • Do not cross the street alone (young children).  
  • Supervise children when in or near water.  
  • Buckle seat belts (or ride in a car seat if under 40 pounds)


  • Know CPR and/or first aid techniques.  
  • Post emergency numbers near the telephone.  
  • Know how and when to call 911 or other emergency numbers.  
  • Keep a first aid kit available.

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by Gevorg A. Poghosian, Ph.D.

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