Needle cricothyrotomy

Alternative names
Emergency airway puncture; Emergency airway puncture


This is an emergency incision, or insertion of a hollow needle, into the airway (larynx). It is used to treat life-threatening choking.


In an emergency situation, when someone is choking and all other efforts to assist with breathing have failed, a hollow needle can be inserted into the throat, just below the Adam’s apple (cricoid cartilage). In hospital settings, a small skin incision may be made before inserting the needle or tube.


A cricothyrotomy is recommended as an emergency procedure to relieve an airway obstruction until surgical placement of a breathing tube (tracheostomy) can be done.


Risks for any surgery are:

  • Bleeding  
  • Infection

Additional risks include:

  • Trauma to the larynx, thyroid gland, or esophagus

Expectations after surgery

Emergency airway puncture (cricothyrotomy) can be quite effective in relieving an airway obstruction.


See tracheostomy.

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Last revised: December 8, 2012
by Armen E. Martirosyan, M.D.

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