Dirt ingestion

Poisoning caused by ingestion of dirt.

Poisonous Ingredient 
No particular poisonous ingredients unless the dirt contains contaminants such as insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and waste disposal.

Where Found 

  • dirt


  • gastrointestinal       o may cause some intestinal obstruction resulting in abdominal pain

Home Treatment 
None. Call Poison Control for further guidance.

Before Calling Emergency 
Determine the following information:

  • the patient’s age, weight, and condition  
  • the time it was swallowed  
  • the amount swallowed

Poison Control, or a local emergency number 
They will instruct you if it is necessary to take the patient to the hospital. See Poison Control centers for telephone numbers and addresses. Bring a sample with you to the emergency room.

What to expect at the emergency room 

  • Treat the symptoms.

Note: The patient may not need to visit an emergency room.

Expectations (prognosis) 
Recovery is very likely unless some contaminant is present that may complicate outcome.

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Last revised: December 6, 2012
by Dave R. Roger, M.D.

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