Developmental milestones record - 9 months

Alternative names 
Growth milestones for children - 9 months; Childhood growth milestones - 9 months; Normal childhood growth milestones - 9 months

This article describes the skills and growth markers relevant to 9 month-old infants.


A 9 month-old generally has reached the following milestones.

Physical characteristics and motor skills:

  • Weight gain slows down to approximately 15 grams per day, 1 pound per month  
  • Length should increase by 1.5 centimeters per month  
  • Bowel and bladder systems become more regulated  
  • Parachute reflex to protect self from falling  
  • Has the ability to crawl  
  • Can remain sitting for prolonged periods  
  • May pull self to standing position  
  • Begins preference for dominant hand  
  • Has a pincer grasp between thumb and index finger

Sensory and cognitive:

  • Development of depth perception  
  • Achieve “object constancy”, the understanding that objects continue to exist even when not seen  
  • Can respond to simple commands  
  • Understands the meaning of no  
  • Imitates speech sounds  
  • May be afraid of being left alone


  • Provide picture books  
  • Provide different stimuli:       o Go to the mall (people)       o Go to the zoo (animals)  
  • Play ball  
  • Build vocabulary by reading and naming people and objects in the environment  
  • Teach hot and cold through play  
  • Provide large toys that can be pushed to encourage walking


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