Developmental milestones record - 5 years

Alternative names 
Normal childhood growth milestones - 5 years; Childhood growth milestones - 5 years; Growth milestones for children - 5 years

This article describes the skills and growth markers relevant to 5-year-old children.


Physical and motor skills milestones for a 5-year-old may include:

  • Erupting the first permanent teeth (the majority of children do not get their first permanent teeth until age 6)  
  • Developing increased coordination  
  • Skipping, jumping, and skating with good balance  
  • Maintaining balance while standing on one foot with eyes closed  
  • Tying own shoelaces  
  • Showing increased skill with simple tools and writing utensils

Sensory and cognitive milestones include:

  • Increasing vocabulary to over 2100 words  
  • Composing sentences of 6 to 8 words, and with all parts of speech  
  • Identifying coins  
  • Properly naming the primary colors and possibly many more  
  • Questioning more deeply, addressing meaning and purpose  
  • Behaving more responsibly  
  • Decreasing aggressive behavior  
  • Outgrowing earlier childhood fears  
  • Accepting the validity of other points of view (while possibly not understanding them)  
  • Demonstrating increased mathematical skill  
  • Questioning others, including parents  
  • Strongly identifying with the parent of the same sex

Ways to encourage a 5-year-old’s development may include:

  • Providing the necessary space for physical activity  
  • Instructing the child to participate in - and learn the rules of - sporting activities  
  • Encouraging the child to play with other children, which helps develop social skills  
  • Playing creatively with the child  
  • Monitoring both the time and content of television viewing  
  • Visiting local areas of interest  


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