Developmental milestones record - 4 months

Alternative names 
Normal childhood growth milestones - 4 months; Childhood growth milestones - 4 months; Growth milestones for children - 4 months

This article describes the skills and growth markers relevant to 4 month-old infants.


Physical and motor:

  • Weight gain slows to approximately 20 grams per day  
  • Moro reflex, asymmetric tonic neck reflex, rooting reflex, and Perez reflex disappearing  
  • Almost no head lag while in a sitting position  
  • Able to sit straight up if propped  
  • Able to raise head 90 degrees when placed on stomach  
  • Able to roll from back to one side  
  • Tries to reach objects with hands, but commonly overshoots  
  • Plays with rattle when placed in hands, but unable to pick it up if dropped  
  • Grasps rattle with both hands  
  • Able to place objects in mouth

Sensory and cognitive:

  • Close vision well established  
  • Eye-hand coordination beginning  
  • Can make the consonant sounds:       o N       o K       o P       o G       o B  
  • Laughs out loud  
  • Anticipates feeding when able to see a bottle (if bottle-fed)  
  • Begins to show memory  
  • Demands attention by fussing


  • Place the baby in front of a mirror  
  • Provide bright colored toys to hold  
  • Repeat sounds the infant makes  
  • Help the infant roll over  
  • Use a swing or stroller


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by Dave R. Roger, M.D.

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