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Skin irritation from rubbing


When skin becomes irritated because of something rubbing, there are several things you can try, including:

  • Avoid coarse clothing. Wear 100% cotton fabric against your skin.  
  • Eliminate friction against your skin by using appropriate clothing for the activity you are involved in (for example, athletic tights or cycling shorts).  
  • Avoid activity that is causing chafing unless it is part of your typical lifestyle, exercise routine, sporting or other activity.  
  • Wear clean and dry clothing. Dried sweat, chemicals, dirt and other debris may actually be causing the irritation.  
  • Temporarily use petroleum jelly or talcum powder as a lubricant on chafed areas of your skin. You can also apply preventively to areas that ordinarily chafe during certain activities - for example, your inner thighs or upper arms while running.


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Last revised: December 3, 2012
by Levon Ter-Markosyan, D.M.D.

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