Autistic behavior

Autistic behavior describes behavioral patterns similar to those seen in Autism.


Autistic behavior includes:

  • Absent or poorly-developed verbal and nonverbal communication skills  
  • Abnormal socialization (lack of need for socialization)  
  • Social withdrawal  
  • Inability to make friends  
  • Repetitive body movements  
  • Ritualistic behavior  
  • Lack of eye contact  
  • Various speech pattern abnormalities

Several infectious and neurological diseases can produce symptoms mimicking Autism.

Common Causes  

  • Infantile Autism  
  • Deafness  
  • Mental retardation  
  • Metabolic degenerative CNS (central nervous system) disorders  
  • Schizophrenia

Home Care 
Home Care depends on the cause of the behavior. The child’s safety needs must always be considered.

Call your health care provider if 

Call your provider if your child exhibits autistic behavior but is not known to be autistic.

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by Armen E. Martirosyan, M.D.

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