Employers and workers can join forces to keep diabetes under control
May 07 15


Accelerated brain aging in type 1 diabetes related to cognitive complications
May 05 15


Less aggressive diabetes care needed in hospice
May 01 15


Drug that can prevent the onset of diabetes is rarely used
Apr 30 15


Scientists find new mutation that may lead to better diabetes medications and prevention
Apr 28 15


NYU researchers find diabetes perceptions vary according to risk factors
Apr 17 15


Study finds gestational diabetes associated with greater risk of autism in children
Apr 14 15


AstraZeneca’s diabetes drug Onglyza may increase death rate -FDA
Apr 10 15


Defect found in pancreatic cells could lead to new diabetes treatment
Apr 08 15


Gut immune system identified as a new and effective target in treating diabetes
Apr 07 15


Antipsychotic use may increase the risk for diabetes in some children
Apr 06 15


High-fat dairy products linked to reduced type 2 diabetes risk
Apr 02 15


Diabetics with ankle fractures have longer lengths of stay, more health care costs
Mar 24 15


Vitamin D prevents diabetes and clogged arteries in mice
Mar 19 15


Vildagliptin for type 2 diabetes: No suitable data for combination with sulfonylurea
Mar 09 15


Diabetes drug could protect against low blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin production in the body
Feb 20 15


UW ophthalmologists help demonstrate effectiveness of diabetic macular edema treatments
Feb 19 15


Newly discovered protein has link to gestational diabetes
Feb 04 15


Support found for peer-mentoring diabetes management program
Jan 29 15


New brain pathway offers hope for treating hypogylcemia
Jan 23 15


Islet cell transplantation restores type 1 diabetics’ blood sugar defense mechanisms
Dec 19 14


Behavioral interventions to prevent progression to diabetes equally effective in men and women
Nov 28 14


Light-activated drug could reduce side effects of diabetes medication
Oct 14 14


Researchers discover new gene responsible for traits involved in diabetes
Sep 19 14


Positive outlook and social support help diabetes patients cope
Sep 09 14


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