Is type 2 diabetes ‘diabetes’ as currently understood?
Sep 04 14


Do Closed-Loop Insulin Delivery Systems Improve Blood Glucose Control in Type 1 Diabetes?
Aug 26 14


Insulin offers new hope for the treatment of acute pancreatitis
Aug 21 14


Work-related stress is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes
Aug 08 14


Shift work linked to heightened risk of type 2 diabetes
Jul 26 14


Rosemary and oregano contain diabetes-fighting compounds
Jul 23 14


Pre-diabetes label ‘unhelpful and unnecessary’
Jul 15 14


Insulin Pumps Better Than Shots for Diabetes Control
Jul 03 14


Diabetes Advance: Gut Cells Changed Into Insulin Producers
Jul 03 14


Insulin, other drugs may do more harm than good for some type 2 diabetes patients
Jul 01 14


It may take guts to cure diabetes
Jul 01 14


Gastric bypass surgery improves diabetic patients’ quality of life
Jun 25 14


Genetic risk for type 1 diabetes driven by faulty cell recycling
Jun 20 14


Demand for diabetes, thyroid care outpaces supply of endocrinologists
Jun 19 14


CDC report says 29 million Americans have diabetes
Jun 11 14


International team unearths genetic risk factor for type 2 diabetes in Latin American populations
Jun 11 14


Progress on detecting glucose levels in saliva
Jun 04 14


Obese, older, Caucasian women on dialysis most at risk for rare, deadly condition
Jun 02 14


Novel drug target linked to insulin secretion and type 2 diabetes treatment
May 26 14


Youth diabetes is on the rise, study suggests
May 06 14


Elevated liver enzyme levels linked to higher gestational diabetes risk
May 02 14


Women with diabetes less likely to have a mammogram: Study
Apr 11 14


Common diabetes treatment could extend hypoglycemia
Apr 08 14


Neighborhood planning, ethnic backgrounds play roles in Peel’s high diabetes rates
Apr 07 14


Burden of diabetic ketoacidosis still unacceptably high
Mar 31 14

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