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    Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations
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[ O ]

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  • OPTN  organ procurement and transplant network
  • OPUS  Orbofiban in Patients with Unstable Coronary Syndromes [study]
  • OPV  oral polio vaccine; ovine papillomavirus
  • OPV 1, 2  ovine papillomaviruses 1, 2
  • OPWL  opiate withdrawal
  • OQAQ  Overview Quality Assessment Questionnaire
  • OR  a logical binary relation that is true if any argument is true, and false otherwise; [o]estrogen receptor; odds ratio; oil retention [enema]; oligomer of resveratrol; open reduction; operating room; optic radiation; oral rehydration; orbicularis oris [muscle]; orosomucoid; orthopedic; orthopedic research; ouabain-resistant; outwardly rectifying [current]; oxidized radical
  • O-R  oxidation-reduction
  • OR  rate of outflow
  • Or  orbitale
  • ORA  opiate receptor agonist
  • ORACLE  Overview of the Role of Antibiotics in Curtailing Labor and Early Delivery [trial]
  • ORALABX  oral antibiotics
  • ORANS  Oak Ridge Analytical System
  • ORB  object request broker
  • ORBIT  Oral Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Receptor Blockade to Inhibit Thrombosis [trial]
  • ORBC  ox red blood cell
  • ORC  oculo-reno-cerebellar [syndrome]; origin recognition complex
  • ORCA  open record for care
  • orch  orchitis
  • ORCHIDS  Office Records Charts Information Data System
  • ORCl  outwardly rectifying chloride current
  • ORD  optical rotatory dispersion; oral radiation death
  • ORDS  Office of Research, Demonstration, and Statistics
  • ORE  oil retention enema
  • OREF  Orthopedic Research and Education Foundation
  • ORESTES  open reading expressed sequence tags
  • ORF  open reading frame
  • OR&F  open reduction and fixation
  • orf  open reading frame
  • ORFV  orf virus
  • Org, org  organic
  • ORGM  organism [UMLS]
  • ORH  order header
  • ORI  Office of Research Integrity [NIH]
  • ORIA  Office of Radiation and Indoor Air
  • ORIF  open reduction with internal fixation
  • ORIS  ophthalmic retrobulbar injection simulator
  • oriT  origin of transfer
  • ORIV  Oriboca virus
  • OrJ  orange juice
  • ORL  otorhinolaryngology
  • ORLS  Oxford Record Linkage Study
  • ORM  object relational mapping; Office of Research and Methodology; orosomucoid; other regulated material; oxygen ratio monitor
  • ORMC  oxygen ratio monitor controller
  • ORN  olfactory receptor neuron; operating room nurse; orthopedic nurse
  • Orn  ornithine
  • ORNL  Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • ORO  oil red O
  • ORO  observed odds ratio
  • OROS  oral osmotic
  • OROV  Oropouche virus
  • ORUV 1, 2, 3, 4  Orungo viruses 1, 2, 3, 4
  • ORP  operating room personnel; oxidation-reduction potential
  • ORPM  orthorhythmic pacemaker
  • ORR  objective response rate
  • ORS  olfactory reference syndrome; oral rehydration solution; oral surgery, oral surgeon; Orthopaedic Research Society; orthopedic surgeon, orthopedic surgery; oxygen radical scavengers
  • ORSA  osteoclast resorption stimulating activity; oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
  • ORT  object relations technique; operating room technician; oral rehydration therapy
  • ORT  true odds ratio
  • orth, ortho  orthopedics, orthopedic
  • ORW  Osler-Rendu-Weber [syndrome]
  • ORXV  Oriximina virus
  • ORYX  outcome research yields excellence
  • OS  left eye [Lat. oculus sinister]; object oriented; occipitosacral; occupational safety; office surgery; oligosaccharide; Omenn syndrome; opening snap; open source; open splenectomy; operating system; Opitz syndrome; oral surgery; ordinal scale; organ-specific; orthognathic surgery; orthopedic surgeon, orthopedic surgery; Osgood-Schlatter [disease]; osteogenic sarcoma; osteosarcoma; osteosclerosis; ouabain sensitivity; overall survival; oxygen saturation
  • Os  osmium
  • OSA  obstructive sleep apnea; Office of Services to the Aging; Optical Society of America; ovarian sectional area
  • OSACA  Osaka Follow-Up Study for Ultrasonographic Assessment of Carotid Atherosclerosis
  • OSAI  organism-specific antibody index
  • OSAS  obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
  • OSBP  oxysterol binding protein
  • OSC  on-scene coordinator
  • osc  oscillation
  • OSCAR  Olive Oil, Safflower Oil, Canola Oil and Rapeseed Oil [dietary study]; online survey, certification and reporting system
  • OSCC  oral squamous cell carcinoma
  • OSCE  objective structured clinical examination
  • OS-CS  osteopathia striata-cranial sclerosis [syndrome]
  • OSDAT  Oslo Study Diet and Antismoking Trial
  • OS-EM  ordered-subsequent expectation maximization
  • OSF  open software foundation; organ system failure; osteoclast-stimulating factor; outer spiral fiber; overgrowth stimulating factor
  • OSF/DCE  open software foundation/distributed computing environment
  • OSG  Office of the Surgeon General
  • OSGi  open services gateway initiative
  • OSHA  Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • OSH Act  Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
  • OsHV  ostreid herpesvirus
  • OSI  open systems interconnection [reference model]
  • OSIRIS  Open Study of Infants at High Risk or with Respiratory Insufficiency: the Role of Surfactants; Optimization Study of Infarct Reperfusion Investigated by ST-Monitoring
  • OSLER  objectively structured long examination record
  • OSM  ovine submaxillary mucin; oxygen saturation meter
  • Osm  osmosis, osmolarity
  • osm  osmole; osmosis, osmotic
  • OSMED  otospondylometaphyseal dysplasia
  • Osm/kg  osmoles per kilogram
  • Osm/L  osmoles per liter
  • osmol  osmole
  • OSMT  Ontario Society of Medical Technologists
  • O-SP  O-specific polysaccharide
  • OspA  outer surface protein A
  • OSQL  object structure query language
  • OSRC  osteosarcoma
  • OSRD  Office of Scientific Research and Development
  • OSS  osseous; over-the-shoulder strap
  • oss  osseous
  • OSSAV  Ossa virus
  • OST  object sorting test; Office of Science and Technology; Ottawa Stroke Trial
  • osteo  osteoarthritis; osteomyelitis; osteopathy
  • OSTI  Optimal Stent Implantation [trial]
  • OSTP  Office of Science and Technology Policy
  • OSUK  Ophthalmological Society of the United Kingdom
  • OSV  observable state variable
  • OT  objective test; oblique talus; occlusion time; occupational therapist, occupational therapy; ocular tension; office therapy; old term (in anatomy); old tuberculin; olfactory threshold; on treatment; optic tract; orientation test; original tuberculin; ornithine transcarbamylase; orotracheal; orthopedic treatment; otolaryngology; otology; oxytocin; oxytryptamine
  • Ot  otolaryngology
  • OTA  ochratoxin A; occupational therapy assistant; Office of Technology Assessment; ornithine transaminase; orthotoluidine arsenite
  • OTC  ornithine transcarbamylase; oval target cell; ovarian tissue culture; over-the-counter; oxytetracycline
  • OTCD  ornithine carbamoyltransferase deficiency
  • OTD  oculotrichodysplasia; oral temperature device; organ tolerance dose
  • OTE  optically transparent electrode
  • OTF  octamer-binding transcription factor; optical transfer function; oral transfer factor; outpatient treatment file [database]
  • OTFC  oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate
  • OTI  ovomucoid trypsin inhibitor
  • OTM  orthotoluidine manganese sulfate
  • OTO  otology; otorhinolaryngology
  • Otol  otology, otologist
  • OTPS  other than personal services
  • OTR  Ovarian Tumor Registry; Occupational Therapist, Registered
  • OTReg  Occupational Therapist, Registered
  • OTS  n-octadecyltrichlorosilane; occipital temporal sulcus; optical tracking system; orotracheal suction
  • OTSG  Office of the Surgeon General
  • OTSMD  Ornithine Transcarbamoylase Structure and Mutation Database
  • OTT  orotracheal tube
  • OTU  olfactory tubercle; operational taxonomic unit
  • OTW  over the wire
  • OTZ  oxathiozolidine
  • OU  observation unit; Oppenheimer-Urbach [syndrome]
  • ou  both eyes together [Lat. oculi unitas]
  • OUAV  Ouango virus
  • OUB  ouabain
  • OUBIV  Oubi virus
  • OUBR  ouabain resistance
  • OULQ  outer upper left quadrant
  • OUME  operative unit of medical herpetology
  • OUR  oxygen uptake rate
  • OURQ  outer upper right quadrant
  • OURS  Oxford University Research Study; oxygen utilization rate study
  • OURV  Ourem virus
  • OUS  overuse syndrome
  • OUTCLAS  Outpatient Coronary Low-profile Angioplasty Study
  • OUTI  other urinary tract infections
  • OV  oculovestibular; office visit; oncovirus; osteoid volume; outflow volume; ovalbumin; ovary; overventilation; ovulation
  • Ov  ovary
  • ov  ovum
  • OVA  ovalbumin
  • ova  ovariectomy
  • OVC  ovarian cancer
  • OVD  occlusal vertical dimension; ophthalmological viscosurgical device
  • OvDF  ovarian dysfunction
  • OvHV  ovine herpesvirus
  • OVLT  organum vasculosum of the lamina terminalis
  • OVRV  Oak-Vale virus
  • OVSF  orthogonal variable spreading factor [telemedicine]
  • OVSMC  ovine vascular smooth muscle cell
  • OVX  ovariectomized
  • OW  outcome washing; once weekly; open wedge; outer wall; oval window; overweight
  • O/W, o/w  oil in water
  • OWCL  Old World cutaneous leishmaniasis
  • OWI  Office of Worksite Initiatives
  • OW/O  overweight and obesity
  • o/w/o  oil in water/oil
  • OWR  Osler-Weber-Rendu [syndrome]; ovarian wedge resection
  • OWS  outerwear syndrome
  • OX  optic chiasma; oxacillin; oxalate; oxide; orthopedic examination; oxytocin
  • Ox  oxygen
  • ox  oxidized
  • OXA  oxaprotiline
  • OXCHECK  Oxford and Collaborators Health Check [trial]
  • OXIPHOS  oxidative phosphorylation
  • OxLDL, Ox-LDL  oxidized low-density lipoprotein
  • OXMIS  Oxford Myocardial Infarction Incidence Study
  • Oxo  oxanosine
  • 8oxoA  8-oxoadenine
  • 8oxoG  8-oxoguanine
  • OXP  oxypressin
  • OXPHOS  oxidative phosphorylation
  • OXT  oxytocin
  • OXTR  oxytocin receptor
  • OXY  oxytocin
  • OXY, oxy  oxygen
  • OYE  old yellow enzyme
  • OYS  Oslo Youth study
  • oz  ounce
  • oz ap, oz apoth  apothecaries' ounce (US)
  • oz t, oz tr  troy ounce (UK)
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