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    Dictionary of Medical Acronyms & Abbreviations
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[ C ]

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  • CTFS  complete testicular feminization syndrome
  • CTFV  Colorado tick fever virus
  • CTG  cardiotocography; cervicothoracic ganglion; chymotrypsinogen; control technique guidelines
  • C/TG  cholesterol-triglyceride [ratio]
  • ctg  chromated gap
  • CTGA  complete transposition of great arteries
  • CTGF  connective tissue growth factor
  • CTGFN  Convergent Terminology Group for Nursing
  • CTH  ceramide trihexoside; chronic tension headache; computer-assisted tomographic holography; cystathionase
  • CTh  carrier-specific T-helper [cell]
  • CTh  thoracic compliance
  • CTHA  computed tomographic hepatic angiography
  • CTHD  chlorthalidone
  • CTI  coffee table injury; computers in teaching initiatives; computer-telephony integration [telemedicine]
  • CTiVd  Coconut tinangaja viroid
  • CTL  cervico-thoraco-lumbar; computational tree logic; control; cytolytic T lymphocyte; cytotoxic T lymphocyte
  • CTLA  cytotoxic T lymphocyte antigen
  • CTLL  cytotoxic lymphoid line
  • CTLp  cytotoxic T lymphocyte precursor
  • CTLSO  cervicothoracolumbosacral orthosis
  • CTLV  carrot thin leaf virus
  • CtLV  carrot latent virus
  • CTM  calibration of test material; cardiotachometer; central tendency measure; Chlortrimeton; computed tomographic myelography; cricothyroid membrane; cricothyroid muscle
  • CTMC  connective tissue mast cell
  • CTMM  computed tomographic metrizamide myelography
  • CTMM-SF  California Test of Mental Maturity-Short Form
  • CTMR  clinical treatment and medical research
  • CT/MRI  computed tomography/magnetic resonance imaging
  • CtMV  carrot mosaic virus
  • CTN  calcitonin; clinical trials notification; computer tomography number; continuous noise
  • cTn-I  cardiac troponin I
  • cTNM  clinical classification of primary tumors, regional nodes and metastases [coding]
  • CTO  cervicothoracic orthosis
  • CTOPP  Canadian Trial of Physiological Pacing
  • CTP  California Test of Personality; citrate transport protein; clinical terms project; comprehensive treatment plan; cytidine triphosphate; cytosine triphosphate
  • C-TPN  cyclic total parenteral nutrition
  • CTPP  cerebral tissue perfusion pressure
  • CTPVO  chronic thrombotic pulmonary vascular obstruction
  • CTR  cardiothoracic ratio; carpal tunnel release; central tumor registry; Connecticut Tumor Registry
  • ctr  central; center; centric
  • CTRB  chymotrypsinogen B
  • CTRD  Cardiac Transplant Research Database
  • CTRL  chymotrypsin-like [protease]
  • CtRLV  carrot red leaf virus
  • CTRS  certified therapeutic recreation specialist
  • CTRX  ceftriaxone
  • CTS  cardiothoracic surgery; cardiotonic steroids; carpal tunnel syndrome; clinical trials support [program]; Collaborative Transplant Study; composite treatment score; computed tomographic scan; conflict tactics scales; contralateral threshold shift; corticosteroid
  • CTSB  cathepsin B
  • CTSD  cathepsin D
  • CTSE  cathepsin E
  • CTSG  cathepsin G
  • CTSH  cathepsin H
  • CTSI  computerized tomography severity index
  • CTSL  cathepsin L
  • CTSNFR  corrected time of sinoatrial node function recovery
  • CTSP  Cooperative Triglyceride Standardization Program
  • CTSS  cathepsin S; closed tracheal suction system
  • CTT  cefotetan; central tegmental tract; central transmission time; classic test theory; colonic transit time; compressed tablet triturate; computed transaxial tomography; critical tracking time
  • CTTAC  clinical trials and treatment advisory committee
  • CTU  cardiac-thoracic unit; centigrade thermal unit; constitutive transcription unit
  • CTV  cervical and thoracic vertebrae; citrus tristeza virus; clinical target volume; clinical tumor volume; curly top virus
  • CTVDR  conformal treatment verification, delivery and recording [system]
  • CTW  central terminal of Wilson; combined testicular weight
  • CTX  cefotaxime; ceftriaxone; cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis; chemotaxis; ciguatoxin; clinical trials exemption scheme; costotendinous xanthomatosis; cytoxan
  • CTx  cardiac transplantation; conotoxin
  • CTZ  cetirizine; chemoreceptor trigger zone; chlorothiazide
  • CU  cardiac unit; casein unit; cause unknown or undetermined; chymotrypsin unit; clinical unit; color unit; contact urticaria; convalescent unit
  • Cu  urea clearance
  • cu  cubic
  • CUA  cost-utility analysis [ratio]
  • CUAVD  congenital unilateral absence of vas deferens
  • CuB  copper band
  • CUBA  Cutting Balloon vs Conventional Balloon Angioplasty [study]
  • CUC  chronic ulcerative colitis
  • cu cm  cubic centimeter
  • CuCV  cucumber cryptic virus
  • CUD  cause undetermined; congenital urinary deformity
  • CuD  copper deficiency
  • CUE  confidential unit exclusion; cumulative urinary excretion
  • CUG  Computer-Stored Ambulatory Record User's Group; cystidine, uridine, and guanidine; cystourethrogram, cystourethrography
  • CUI  character-based interface; concept unique identifier [UMLS]; Cox-Uphoff International [tissue expander]
  • cu in  cubic inch
  • cult  culture
  • cum  cumulative
  • cu m  cubic meter
  • CUMITECH  Cumulative Techniques and Procedures in Clinical Microbiology
  • cu mm  cubic millimeter
  • CUMULVS  collaborative user migration, user library for visualization and steering
  • CuNV  cucumber necrosis virus
  • CUP  carcinoma unknown primary
  • CUR  cystourethrorectal
  • cur  cure, curative; current
  • CURE  Clopidogrel in Unstable Angina to Prevent Recurrent Ischemic Events [trial]; Columbia University Restenosis Elimination [trial]
  • CURL  compartment of uncoupling of receptors and ligands
  • CURN  Conduct and Utilization of Research in Nursing
  • CurrMIT  Curriculum Management and Information Tool
  • CUS  carotid ultrasound examination; catheterized urine specimen; contact urticaria syndrome
  • CuS  copper supplement
  • CUSA  Cavitron ultrasonic aspirator
  • CuSBV  cucumber soilborne virus
  • CUSSN  computer use in social service network
  • CuTS  cubital tunnel syndrome
  • CV  calicivirus; canker virus; cardiac volume; cardiovascular; care vigilance; carotenoid vesicle; cell viability; cell volume; central venous; cephalic vein; cerebrovascular; cervical vertebra; Chikungunya virus; Chlorella virus; chlorosis virus; chorionic villi; circovirus; closing volume; clump virus; coefficient of variation [statistics]; color vision; concentrated volume; conducting vein; conduction velocity; conjugata vera; contrast ventriculography; conventional ventilation; corpuscular volume; costovertebral; cresyl violet; crinkle virus; cross validation; cryptic virus; crystal violet; cultivar; cutaneous vasculitis; cyclic voltamogram; cyclic voltometry
  • C/V  coulomb per volt
  • Cv  specific heat at constant volume
  • Cv  coefficient of variation; constant volume
  • cv  coefficient of variability; cultivar
  • CVA  cardiovascular accident; cerebrovascular accident; cherry virus A; chronic villous arthritis; common variable agammaglobulinemia; costovertebral angle; cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and Adriamycin
  • CV-A1 to A22  human coronavirus A 1 to 22
  • CVAH  congenital virilizing adrenal hyperplasia
  • CVAP  cerebrovascular amyloid peptide
  • CVAT  costovertebral angle tenderness
  • CVB  chorionic villi biopsy
  • CV B1 to B6  human coxsackievirus B1 to B6
  • CVBS  congenital vascular bone syndrome
  • CVC  calcifying vascular cell; central venous catheter
  • CV cath  central venous catheter
  • CVCT  cardiovascular computed tomography
  • CVD  cardiovascular disease; Center for Vaccine Development; chemical vapor deposition; chronic venous disease; collagen vascular disease; color-vision-deviant; common variable immunodeficiency; congenital vascular disorder
  • CVd  crinkle viroid
  • CVELTP  Comox Valley Electronic Lab Transfer Project [Canada]
  • CVF  cardiovascular failure; central visual field; cervicovaginal fluid; cobra venom factor
  • CVFn  cardiovascular function
  • CVFS  computerized visual feedback system
  • CVG  composite valve graft; contrast ventriculography; coronary venous graft; cutis verticis gyrata
  • CVG/MR  cutis verticis gyrata/mental retardation [syndrome]
  • CVGV  Csiro Village virus
  • CVH  cerebroventricular hemorrhage; cervicovaginal hood; combined ventricular hypertrophy; common variable hypogammaglobulinemia
  • CVHD  chronic valvular heart disease
  • CvHV  cervid herpesvirus
  • CVI  cardiovascular incident; cardiovascular insufficiency; cerebrovascular incident; cerebrovascular insufficiency; Children's Vaccine Initiative; chronic venous insufficiency; common variable immunodeficiency; content validity index
  • CVICU  cardiovascular intensive care unit
  • CVID  common variable immunodeficiency
  • CVIS  cardiovascular imaging system
  • CVK  computerized videokeratography
  • CVL  central venous line
  • CVLM  caudal ventrolateral medulla; caudoventrolateral medulla
  • CVLP  chimeric virus-like particle
  • CVLT  California Verbal Learning Test; clinical vascular laboratory
  • CVM  cardiovascular monitor; cerebral venous malformation; congenital vascular malformation; contingent valuation method; cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and methotrexate
  • CVMoV  carnation vein mottle virus
  • CVMP  Committee on Veterans Medical Problems
  • CVO  central vein occlusion; central venous oxygen; Chief Veterinary Officer; circumventricular organ; credentialing verification organization
  • CVO2  central venous oxygen content or saturation
  • CVOD  cerebrovascular obstructive disease
  • CVP  cardioventricular pacing; cell volume profile; central venous pressure; chlorfenvinphos; cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and prednisone
  • cvPO2, cvPO2  cerebral venous partial pressure of oxygen
  • CVPR  computer vision and pattern recognition
  • CVR  cardiovascular-renal; cardiovascular-respiratory; cephalic vasomotor response; cerebrovascular resistance
  • CVRD  cardiovascular-renal disease
  • CVRMED  computer vision, virtual reality, and robotics in medicine
  • CVRR  cardiovascular recovery room
  • CVRS  cardiovascular and respiratory elements of trauma score
  • CVS  cardiovascular surgery; cardiovascular system; challenge virus strain; chorionic villi sampling; clean voided specimen; coronavirus susceptibility; current vital signs
  • CVSMC  cultured vascular smooth muscle cells
  • CVST  cerebral venous sinus thrombosis; computerized visual search task
  • CVST-T  Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis Trial
  • CVT  cardiovascular technologist; central venous temperature; cerebral venous thrombosis; congenital vertical talus
  • CVTR  charcoal viral transport medium
  • CVV  Cache Valley virus; ceratitis V virus; citrus variegation virus
  • CVVH  continuous veno-venous hemofiltration
  • CVVHD  continuous veno-venous hemodialysis
  • CVVHDF  continuous venovenous hemodiafiltration
  • CVX  cactus virus X; code for vaccines administered
  • CW  cardiac work; case work; cell wall; chemical warfare; chemical weapon; chest wall; children's ward; clinical workbench; clockwise; continuous wave; crutch walking
  • Cw  crutch walking
  • C/W  compare with; consistent with
  • CWA  cognitive work analysis
  • CWBTS  capillary whole blood true sugar
  • CWC  Chemical Weapons Convention; chest wall compliance
  • CWD  cell wall defect; Choi-Williams distribution; continuous-wave Doppler
  • CWDF  cell wall-deficient form [bacteria]
  • CWD/NAF  cell wall-deficient, non-acid fast [Mycobacterium tuberculosis]
  • CWEQ  conditions of work effectiveness scale
  • CWF  Cornell Word Form
  • CWG  Communications Working Group [NLM]
  • CWH  cardiomyopathy and wooly hair-coat [syndrome]
  • CWHB  citrated whole human blood
  • CWI  cardiac work index
  • CWIS  campus-wide information system
  • CWL  cutaneous water loss
  • CWM  cardiological workspace manager
  • CWMI  common warehouse metadata interchange
  • CWMS  color, warmth, movement sensation
  • CWOP  childbirth without pain
  • CWP  childbirth without pain; coal worker's pneumoconiosis
  • CWPEA  Childbirth Without Pain Education Association
  • CWRUNET  Case Western Reserve University Network
  • CWS  cell wall skeleton; Chemical Warfare Service; chest wall stimulation; child welfare service; children's clinical workstation; clinician's workstation; cold water-soluble; cotton wool spots
  • CWT  circuit weight training; cold water treatment; continuous wavelet transform
  • Cwt, cwt  hundredweight
  • CWV  Cape Wrath virus
  • CWW  clinic without walls
  • CWXSP  Coal Workers' X-ray Surveillance Program
  • CX  cervix; chest x-ray; connexin; critical experiment; phosgene oxime [war gas]
  • Cx  cervix; circumflex; clearance; complaint; complex; connexin; convex
  • cx  cervix; complex; connexin; culture; cylinder axis
  • CXB3S  Coxsackie B3 virus susceptibility
  • CxCor  circumflex coronary [artery]
  • CXEV  Chorizagrotis auxiliaris entomopoxvirus
  • CXMD  canine X-linked muscular dystrophy
  • CXR, CxR  chest x-ray
  • CY  casein-yeast autolysate [medium]; cyclophosphamide
  • Cy  cyanogen; cyclophosphamide; cyst; cytarabine
  • Cy3  cyanine 3
  • Cy5  cyanine 5
  • cy, cyan  cyanosis
  • CyA  cyclosporine A
  • CYC  cyclophosphamide; cytochrome C
  • cyc  cyclazocine; cycle; cyclotron
  • CYCAZAREM  Cyclophosphamide vs Azathioprine during Remission of Systemic Vasculitis [trial]
  • CYCLO, Cyclo  cyclophosphamide; cyclopropane
  • Cyclo C  cyclocytidine hydrochloride
  • CYCLOPS  cyclically ordered phase sequence; Cyclophosphamide in Systemic Vasculitis
  • Cyd  cytidine
  • cydv  cereal yellow dwarf virus
  • CYE  charcoal yeast extract [agar]
  • CYH  chymase
  • CyHV  cyprinid herpesvirus
  • CYL  casein yeast lactate
  • cyl  cylinder; cylindrical lens
  • CYLV  carrot yellow leaf virus
  • CYM  chymase, mast cell
  • CYMP  chymosin, pseudogene
  • CYMV  cacao yellow mosaic virus
  • CYN  cyanide
  • CYP  cyclophilin; cyproheptadine; cytochrome P
  • CYPA  cyclophilin A
  • CYPC  cyclophilin C
  • CypCV  Cypripedium calceolus virus
  • CYPH  cyclophilin
  • CYS  cystoscopy
  • Cys  cyclosporine; cysteine
  • Cys-Cys  cystine
  • CysLT1  cysteinyl leukotriene 1
  • CySNO  nitrosated L-cysteine
  • CYSTO  cystogram
  • cysto  cystoscopy
  • CYSV  carnation yellow stripe virus
  • CYT  cytochrome
  • Cyt  cytolytic
  • Cyt  cytoplasm; cytosine
  • cyt  cytochrome; cytology, cytological; cytoplasm; cytosine
  • Cyto  cytotechnologist
  • cytol  cytology, cytological
  • CY-VA-DIC  cyclophosphamide, vincristine, Adriamycin, and dacarbazine
  • CZ  carzinophilin; cefazolin
  • Cz  central midline placement of electrodes in electroencephalography
  • CZE  capillary zone electrophoresis
  • CZI  crystalline zinc insulin
  • Czn  zinc clearance
  • CZP  clonazepam
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