Radiotherapy can cause lasting vascular disease
Mar 22 10


Cooling Inflammation for Healthier Arteries
Feb 16 10


New Treatment for Chronic Nose Bleeds
Feb 12 10


Bowel disease flare-ups raise risk of blood clots
Feb 10 10


Evolution of Brain Surgery to Treat Rogue Blood Vessels
Dec 17 09


Study explains how exercise helps patients with peripheral artery disease
Dec 02 09


New mechanism explains how the body prevents formation of blood vessels
Nov 11 09


Findings Suggest Lipid Assessment in Vascular Disease Can Be Simplified, Without the Need to Fast
Nov 11 09


Drugs to Treat Anemia in Cancer Patients Linked to Thromboembolism
Nov 11 09


Sight gone, but not necessarily lost?
Oct 30 09


Vascular Surgeons Perform Most Peripheral Arterial Interventions
Oct 28 09


Smoking gun: just 1 cigarette has harmful effect on the arteries of young healthy adults
Oct 27 09


Leg artery disease often goes undetected
Oct 26 09


New therapy for vasculitis will help patients avoid infertility and cancer
Oct 19 09


BUSM researchers identify better laser for treating facial spider veins
Oct 06 09


Image-guided treatment for deep venous thrombosis could improve patients’ long-term outcomes
Sep 21 09


How broccoli can protect your arteries
Sep 04 09


SVS Clarifies Surgeons’ Role in Diabetic Foot Care
Aug 18 09


Study Offers New Insights About Peripheral Artery Disease
Aug 05 09


The risk of developing deep vein thrombosis during a flight is often overestimated
Jul 23 09


Superficial blood clots may be warning sign: study
Jul 21 09


Most neuropsychological tests don’t tell Alzheimer’s disease from vascular dementia
Jul 08 09


New approaches lower aneurysm risk - study
Jun 04 09


Is vitamin D deficiency linked to Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia?
May 26 09


Aspirin Appears To Help Lower Risk of Stroke For Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease
May 12 09


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