Secondhand smoke shifts the heart into overdrive
Apr 22 09


Selenium levels impact risk of leg artery disease
Apr 06 09


ReNeuron gets good results in artery disease tests
Apr 06 09


Preventing Blood Clots: Risks from Long Flights and More
Mar 10 09


Seaweed and Fireflies Brew May Guide Stem Cell Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease
Mar 10 09


Tiny tool to control growing blood vessels opens new potential in tumor research
Feb 23 09


Peripheral Artery Pain Can Be Relieved by Community Exercise Therapy
Feb 10 09


Research Shows Novel Benefits of Fatty Acids in Arteries
Feb 05 09


Step out for Peripheral Artery Disease
Dec 15 08


High phosphorus tied to early artery plaques
Dec 03 08


Listen to Your Leg Pain: It Could be Telling You Something Serious
Nov 14 08


The risk factors of abdominal venous thrombosis
Oct 13 08


Discovery of Natural Compounds That Could Slow Blood Vessel Growth
Oct 06 08


Consumers and Clinicians Now Have New Guides to Prevent Dangerous Blood Clots
Sep 15 08


Inhibiting Blood Vessel Growth Shows Promise in Rat Model of Deadly Brain Tumor
Aug 22 08


Low vitamin D associated with leg artery disease
Jun 06 08


Guideline would boost cholesterol drug use
Jun 06 08


Choosing the Right Type of Stent for Your Clogged Coronary Artery
Jun 05 08


Age May Impact Patients’ Ability to Repair Arteries
Jun 05 08


Oral hormone therapy pills double clot risk: study
May 26 08


Drug Does Not Increase Suitability for Dialysis of Surgically Enlarged Blood Vessels
May 14 08


Drug curbs pain due to leg artery disease
May 09 08


Drug-releasing stent shows promise for improving outcomes in patients with coronary artery disease
Apr 23 08


Strenuous exercise may raise clot risk in elderly
Apr 05 08


High dose Lipitor reduces artery inflammation: study
Apr 02 08


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