Robert B. McLafferty, MD Named President, Vascular Disease Foundation
May 03 11


Vitamin D levels linked with health of blood vessels
Apr 03 11


Scientists identify molecule that can increase blood flow in vascular disease
Mar 10 11


Laughter really is the best medicine (for leg ulcers)
Mar 08 11


War dispatch: torn blood vessels growing problem
Feb 03 11


Live Online Chats Answer Questions about Vascular Disease
Feb 03 11


New Nanoparticles Make Blood Clots Visible
Feb 03 11


Young rats given polyphenols show less endothelial function deterioration with aging
Jan 31 11


Protein thought to protect against oxidative stress also promotes clogging of arteries
Jan 10 11


Bacteria eyed for possible role in atherosclerosis
Jan 05 11


Rare mutations linked with catastrophic aortic aneurysms
Nov 19 10


UTHealth discoveries shed more light on deadly thoracic aortic disease
Nov 19 10


Combo high-tech CT scans just as good as older imaging to detect coronary artery disease
Nov 16 10


Aortic aneurysm treatable with asthma drugs
Nov 16 10


‘Paradigm shift’ in how physicians treat peripheral artery disease
Oct 05 10


Stem cell therapy promising for leg artery disease
Sep 14 10


New Exercise Toolkit Provides a Guide for Peripheral Arterial Disease Professionals
Jul 08 10


Investigators Perfect New Version of Blood-Regulator Thrombin
Jun 18 10


Your arteries may be suffering insulin resistance, too
May 04 10


Obesity, smoking may raise blood clot risk
Apr 29 10


Diversity in Vascular Surgery Supplement Published
Apr 22 10


Self-Monitoring Lowers Risks for Patients on Anti-Clotting Drug
Apr 14 10


Thalidomide drug may fight blood vessel disorder
Apr 06 10


Cialis shown to help with muscle dystrophy
Mar 31 10


Cardiologist Uses Device Like a Dental Drill to Reopen Arteries
Mar 25 10


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