Blood Vessels & Lymphatic disorders news

New study shows aged garlic extract can reduce dangerous plaque buildup in arteries
Jan 21 16


New research allows doctors to image dangerous ‘hardening’ of the arteries
Jul 10 15


Star-shaped cells help blood vessels in the brain keep a grip on a healthy tone
Jun 08 15


Engineering new blood vessels in people is 1 step closer to reality
Apr 30 15


New material for creating artificial blood vessels
Apr 28 15


Building a better blood vessel
May 30 14


Gene therapy method targets tumor blood vessels
Dec 24 13


Blood vessels reorganize after face transplantation surgery
Dec 03 13


BTG’s varicose vein treatment wins U.S. approval
Nov 26 13


Blood vessel tangles in brain best left alone, study suggests
Nov 20 13


Researchers Discover a New Pathway in Blood Vessel Inflammation and Disease
Sep 04 13


UTHealth, Swedish researchers uncover mystery in blot clotting disorder
Aug 27 13


Procedures saving limbs of more peripheral arterial disease patients, Mayo Clinic finds
Jun 02 13


MRI-based measurement helps predict vascular disease in the brain
May 24 13


Radiation dose level affects size of lesions seen on chest CT images
Apr 17 13


Researchers find link between blood clotting, immune response
Apr 01 13


Brain stent offers alternative to shunt for fixing potentially blinding vein narrowing
Mar 14 13


Chance finding reveals new control on blood vessels in developing brain
Jan 24 13


Aspirin, Statins Tied to Better PAD Outcomes
Dec 29 12


International study points to inflammation as a cause of plaque buildup in heart vessels
Dec 02 12


Genetic Factor Holds Key to Blood Vessel Health
Nov 19 12


New study shows reprogrammed amniotic fluid cells could treat vascular diseases
Oct 18 12


Rare brain blood vessel disease carries higher risks in females
Sep 11 12


Vein grown from stem cells saves 10-year-old girl
Jun 14 12


1st transplant of vein from patient’s stem cells
Jun 14 12


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