Mental health and Psychiatry news

Trauma experiences change the brain even in those without PTSD
Aug 04 15


Diagnosis of psychiatric disorders not as important as outcomes
Jul 26 15


Cannabis psychosis: Gender matters
Jul 23 15


New study suggests evidence for serotonergic dissociation between anxiety and fear
Jul 20 15


Benzodiazepines not recommended for patients with PTSD or recent trauma
Jul 14 15


New Clues to Schizophrenia Pathogenesis
Jul 12 15


Antipsychotic use rising among teens and young adults
Jul 12 15


Pupil response predicts depression risk in kids
Jul 08 15


One in 4 people prescribed opioids progressed to longer-term prescriptions
Jul 02 15


Tourette’s, Tic Disorders Highly Heritable
Jul 02 15


Could a blood test predict suicide risk?
Jul 02 15


Virtual training helps vets with PTSD, mentally ill nab more jobs
Jul 01 15


Boys more likely to have antipsychotics prescribed, regardless of age
Jul 01 15


For women with bipolar disorder, sleep quality affects mood
Jun 30 15


Therapy affects the brain of people with Tourette syndrome
Jun 25 15


Psychotherapies for Panic Disorder: Which Is Best?
Jun 25 15


Low-field synchronized transcranial magnetic stimulation effective for major depressive disorder
Jun 24 15


PrEP is not linked to greater risk for depression
Jun 19 15


Thick cortex could be key in Down syndrome
Jun 19 15


Longevity hormone is lower in stressed and depressed women
Jun 16 15


Pedophiles more likely to have physical irregularities
Jun 10 15


PTSD Linked to Endothelial Dysfunction
Jun 09 15


New study shows boys will be boys - sex differences aren’t specific to autism
Jun 08 15


Insomnia, PTSD May Decrease Quality of Life, Device Acceptance in ICD Patients, Says Study
Jun 05 15


Developing delirium in the ICU linked to fatal outcomes
Jun 04 15


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