Could a blood test predict suicide risk?
Jul 02 15


Stable overall suicide rate among young children obscures racial differences
May 18 15


Suicide not associated with deployment among US military personnel
Apr 01 15


Parental history of suicide attempt associated with increased risk in kids
Dec 31 14


Virtual patients, medical records and sleep queries may help reduce suicide
May 05 14


Access to guns increases risk of suicide, homicide
Jan 20 14


State-wide gun ownership tied to suicide deaths
Sep 29 13


Losing hope of a good night’s sleep is risk factor for suicide
Feb 15 13


Almost 8 percent of US stroke survivors may have suicidal thoughts
Feb 08 13


Drug therapy appears to lower suicide risk
Jun 13 06


Army suicide rate last year highest since 1999
Apr 25 06


Grieving Parents at Increased Suicide Risk
Mar 17 06


Suicidal Behavior Different from Suicide Attempts
Mar 06 06


Japan Internet suicide deaths soar to 91 in 2005
Feb 10 06


Past suicide attempt linked to seizure risk
Jan 20 06


Impulsivity, alcohol linked to suicide
Dec 23 05


Swiss hospital to allow patients to commit suicide
Dec 19 05


Spousal Abuse
Dec 06 05


Suicide Attempts
Dec 06 05


Anxiety disorders increase risk of suicidal thoughts
Nov 08 05

A pre-existing Anxiety disorder significantly increases the risk of a subsequent onset of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts, according to a study in the November issue of Archives…


Paxil may raise suicide risk in adults
Aug 22 05


High Anxiety Can Be Deadly
Aug 11 05


Talk therapy reduces repeat suicide attempts
Aug 02 05


Short height linked to increased suicide risk
Jul 27 05


China facing epidemic of suicide, depression
Jul 25 05


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