Mental health and Psychiatry news

Genetic variation of stress hormone receptor may affect vulnerability to major depression
Jun 04 15


UAlberta research helps youth cope with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts
Jun 02 15


Emotional Instability a Core Feature of ADHD
May 31 15


Time to Legally Reclassify Psychedelic Drugs, Experts Say
May 29 15


Majority of Youth With Severe Mental Illness Go Untreated
May 29 15


Hospice use linked to fewer depressive symptoms for surviving spouses
May 26 15


Pathbreaking study by Israeli and American neuroscientists reveals autism’s ‘noisy’ secret
May 26 15


Depression associated with 5-fold increased mortality risk in heart failure patients
May 25 15


People with depression may be more likely to develop Parkinson’s disease
May 22 15


Fine particulate air pollution associated with increased risk of childhood autism
May 22 15


Odds are that chronic gamblers are often also depressed
May 22 15


Animals’ presence may ease social anxiety in kids with autism
May 20 15


Stable overall suicide rate among young children obscures racial differences
May 18 15


Perspective-taking difficulties diminished when autistic and psychosis tendencies balance
May 14 15


No link found between PTSD and cancer risk
May 13 15


Psychotic hallucinations, delusions rarely precede violence
May 12 15


New intervention pioneered at UC Davis helps mothers address depression
May 08 15


Post-traumatic stress disorder linked to accelerated aging
May 08 15


Children’s sleep and mental health are related
May 06 15


Comprehensive Swedish research study reveals family, neighborhood impact on mental health
May 05 15


Your brain on drugs: Functional differences in brain communication in cocaine users
Apr 29 15


Brain tumor patients should be screened for depression
Apr 29 15


Children with ADHD at risk for binge eating, study shows
Apr 23 15


Personalizing bipolar disorder treatment
Apr 22 15


PTSD common in ICU survivors
Apr 20 15


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