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Diabetes ups incontinence risk for older women
Jul 11 05

More than half of postmenopausal women have had a recent episode of Urinary Incontinence, according to new research, and the severity of symptoms increases with a…


Home psychotherapy helps teens control diabetes
Jul 07 05

Adolescents with poorly controlled Diabetes do better with a program of intensive, home-based, family-centered psychotherapy, according to new research.

Teens with Type 1 Diabetes, which requires regular…


Bowel cancer risk higher for men with diabetes
Jul 05 05

Having Diabetes apparently raises men’s risk of developing Colorectal cancer, Swedish researchers report.

As lead investigator Susanna C. Larsson, “Our findings suggest that Colorectal cancer may be…


Low blood sugar at work rare for diabetics
Jul 01 05

People with insulin-treated Diabetes rarely experience episodes of severe low blood sugar or hypoglycemia in the workplace, a yearlong study shows. The researchers say employment…


Pancreas transplant for diabetes improves kidneys
Jun 28 05

People with Type 1 Diabetes often develop kidney failure and, when it’s available, a combined kidney and pancreas transplant offers the prospect of curing both problems.



Mental ills often affect kids with type 2 diabetes
Jun 27 05

Nearly one out of every five children with Type 2 diabetes (which is associated with being overweight) also has a psychiatric illness or behavioral disorder, according…


Early Breast-Feeding by Diabetic Mothers May Have Long-Term Effect on Offspring
Jun 24 05

Late neonatal ingestion of breast milk and the duration of breast feeding do not appear to independently influence the risk of overweight or impaired…


Developmental Gene Expressed With Diabetic Nephropathy
Jun 24 05

The results of a new study suggest that expression of gremlin, a gene involved in nephrogenesis, may not end after embryonic development and can reemerge in the context of

Novel antibody saves insulin cells in diabetics
Jun 22 05


Caffeine cuts nighttime diabetes problem
Jun 22 05

People with Type 1 Diabetes may have a new reason to appreciate a cup of coffee. Caffeine intake, in normal amounts, is associated with a significant reduction in nighttime episodes…


Combination of diabetes, depression ups death risk
Jun 21 05


Insulin cells persist in long-standing diabetes
Jun 14 05

In Type 1 Diabetes, which by definition indicates a lack of insulin production, the insulin-producing “beta” cells in the pancreas are thought to be wiped out. However, that may…


Pill controls diabetes without side effects
Jun 13 05

An experimental Diabetes drug can control blood sugar without causing weight gain or swelling, according to a small mid-stage clinical trial presented on Friday.

The pill, called…


New diabetes drug aids lipids as well as sugar
Jun 13 05


Diabetic men at risk of low testosterone
Jun 13 05

Men over the age of 45 with Diabetes are more than twice as likely as non-diabetic men in the age group to have low testosterone, making them susceptible to


Oral insulin spray may offer treatment advantage
Jun 09 05


Low blood sugar may be more likely with jogging
Jun 08 05

For active diabetics, moderate-intensity exercise, such as light continuous jogging or cycling, poses a greater risk of low blood sugar (Hypoglycemia) than intermittent high-intensity…


Transplanted liver cells can produce insulin
Jun 07 05


Most diabetics unaware of serious complication
Jun 06 05

The majority of people with Diabetes have never heard of diabetic neuropathy - nerve damage that causes pain, numbness, or tingling in the feet and hands - researchers report.


Lipitor reduces heart risks for diabetics
Jun 02 05


Diabetes drug levels in breast milk insignificant
May 31 05

New findings show that women who are breast feeding can be reassured that if they take metformin for Diabetes it won’t harm their baby.

Metformin is excreted into…


Diabetics: Walk more for better health
May 25 05

People with Type 2 diabetes can significantly improve their health and reduce medical costs by walking at least three miles each day, Italian researchers suggest.

Researchers have known…


Chromium supplements good for the diabetic heart
May 25 05

Chromium supplementation may be good for the heart in people with Type 2 diabetes, according to new research. It appears to lead to a shortening of a harmful…


Doctors’ input helps diabetics exercise
May 20 05


Diabetes out of control in U.S., survey finds
May 18 05

Two out of three Americans with type-2 diabetes do not have their disease under control and risk early deaths from Stroke, Heart attack or

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