Heart Attack

Chest pain drug may fail in many Asians
Jan 26 06


How Women Can Avoid Broken Hearts, Not Just at Valentine’s Day
Jan 25 06


Aspirin Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Events in Men, Women
Jan 18 06


Heart Attack Patients Do Best at Hospitals That Specialize
Jan 17 06


Type 2 diabetics should have cardiac stress test
Jan 11 06


Amino acid supplement no help after heart attack
Jan 04 06


Surgery best when drugs fail to fix heart
Dec 30 05


Distress, fear often beset heart attack patients
Dec 29 05


Misdosing anti-clotting drugs leads to heart attack symptoms
Dec 28 05


Heart Attack Survivors Have Conflicts About Recurrence
Dec 08 05


Stroke Risk Significant in Month Following Heart Attack
Dec 06 05


Heart attack survival may depend on where you live
Dec 04 05


Past depression may help heart attack recovery
Nov 30 05


Noise can increase risk of heart attack
Nov 28 05


Lowering of LDL level shows limited benefit for patients with previous heart attack
Nov 26 05


Sweat is Good Indicator Heart Attack May Be Coming
Nov 23 05


Cells Derived from Heart Stem Cells Can Repair Heart Attack Damage
Nov 14 05


Patient’s own cells may renew ailing heart
Nov 14 05


Plavix-Aspirin Combo Reduces Acute Heart Attack Deaths
Nov 04 05

Giving Plavix (clopidogrel) in addition to Aspirin to patients in the throes of a suspected Heart Attack could save thousands of lives each year, researchers here and in…


Apple Shape Predicts Heart Attack Risk Better than BMI
Nov 04 05


Prevention programs help people with heart disease
Nov 01 05


Heart attack risk factors tied to kidney disease
Nov 01 05

Diabetes is a major factor in the development of chronic kidney disease, but among people with poor blood sugar control who’ve not yet developed Diabetes,…


Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplants Improve Heart Function
Oct 18 05


Acute Myocardial Infarction Treatment
Sep 21 05


Postinfarction Management
Sep 21 05


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