Heart Attack

Heart Attack Warning Signs
Jan 12 08


Statewide Program Helps Improve Quality of Care For Heart Attack
Nov 05 07


Brief Overview of Heart Failure
Jul 19 07


Poor memory and slow reactions linked to heart attacks
Nov 27 06


A tipple a day keeps heart attacks away
Jul 27 06


Vioxx user was a heart attack waiting to happen
Jul 12 06


Women Still Get Lower-quality Heart Attack Care than Men
Jul 10 06


Common Painkillers Associated with Increased Risk of Heart Failure
May 22 06


Optional Programs and Heart Attack Care
May 10 06


Rapid return to work after heart attack OK for some
May 04 06


New drug could reduce heart attack damage
Apr 26 06


Hormone Therapy May Prevent Heart Attacks for Women in Their 50s
Apr 20 06


Low-income patients with treatable cardiac risk factors may benefit from telemedicine
Mar 21 06


Aspirin still the best for reducing the heart attack risk
Mar 13 06


Filter more effective than diuretics for heart failure
Mar 13 06


Study may lead to ways to reduce heart attacks in diabetes patients
Mar 07 06


Genes determine coffee-related heart attack risk
Mar 07 06


Should Heart Attack Care be More Like Trauma Care?
Mar 06 06


Bone marrow stem cells do not improve cardiac function in heart attack patients
Mar 01 06


Statins lessen heart attack risk
Feb 24 06


Statins and beta blockers may reduce heart attack risk
Feb 21 06


Heart Attack, Osteoporosis Linked in Men Over 50
Feb 21 06


Levitra and Viagra offer cardiac protection
Feb 15 06


Almost half of heart attacks are not recognised
Feb 14 06


First description of female-specific Ischemia Syndrome
Feb 06 06


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