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Heart Diseases: Overview, Causes, Symptoms, Risk factors, Treatment

[Last updated: Monday, 18 May 2015, 09:30 -08:00]
{title} Cooling children after cardiac arrest provides no significant benefit

Although body-cooling has long been a standard of care in treating adults after heart attacks, a recently published multi-center study has concluded that the same procedure…

Brief Overview of Heart Failure

Heart failure is a varied clinical syndrome with a complex pathophysiology that is still being defined. These features have led to demanding therapeutic regimens that have made optimal management of heart failure a difficult enterprise. In addition, heart failure is common, and its public heath consequences are ever growing. An estimated 4.8 million individuals are afflicted with this syndrome in the United States today, and 400,000 to 700,000 new cases are estimated to develop each year. The prevalence of heart failure increases with age; it approaches 10% of Americans in the ninth decade of life. Aging of the population and the prolonged survival of patients with a variety of cardiovascular diseases that culminate in ventricular dysfunction ensure that the magnitude of the heart failure problem will substantially worsen in the next decade.

Experts have projected a 2- to 3-fold increase in prevalence. In addition ...


Diseases of the pericardium- Acute Pericarditis

About Heart Diseases
Heart disease
Heart disease and diet
Heart attack
Coronary artery disease
Coronary heart disease
Ischemic heart disease
High blood pressure
Coronary artery spasm
Heart attacks
Heartbeat sensations
Pounding heart
Congenital heart disease
Arteriosclerotic heart disease
Cyanotic heart disease

Symptoms and Warning Signs

Heart Attack Symptoms
What are the symptoms
First aid - cardiac arrest
Heart Attack Warning Signs

Risk Factors

HIV & heart disease risk
Osteoarthritis & heart disease
Anemia & heart disease
Short legs & heart disease risk
Tamoxifen & heart disease risk
Optimism & Heart Disease Risk
Antidepressant & heart attack risk
Tomato juice & heart disease risk
High-dose steroids & heart disease risk
COX drugs cause heart disease
Fear of terror & Heart Disease Risk
Stress & Heart Disease Risk
Underactive thyroid & Heart Disease Risk
Sibling history & Heart Disease Risk
Celebrex & Heart Disease Risk
Coffee & Heart Disease Risk


Heparin and Heart Attack
Preventing further heart attacks
How can a second heart attack be prevented?


Diagnosis of heart attacks in women
How is a heart attack diagnosed?
Heart attack diagnosis in women

Chronic stable angina pectoris

Pharmacologic Therapy
Diagnostic Strategies
Therapy - Lifestyle Changes

Heart Attack

Heart attacks and jaw pain
Tooth pain and heart attacks
Blacks get less aggressive heart attack treatment
Heart attack first aid
Heart attack during pregnancy
Pericarditis - after heart attack
Women and heart attacks
Heart attack
Heart Attack [1]
Heart attack: First aid
Alcohol use after heart attack
Heart Attack easily predictable
Heart Attack At A Glance
Depression After a Heart Attack

Medical Tests

Coronary Heart Disease Risk Calculator
LDL Cholesterol Goal Calculator
Estimated Blood Level Calculations
Body Mass Index Calculator
Body Mass Index Chart
Fingertip test
Coronary angiography
Intracardiac electrophysiology study
Cardiac catheterization
Cardiac blood pooling imaging

Heart Surgery

Heart bypass surgery
Heart valve surgery
Heart valve prosthesis
Minimally invasive heart surgery
Tetralogy of Fallot repair
Transplant of the heart
Cardiac catheterization


The difference between LDL and HDL cholesterol
Cholesterol and The Heart
LDL cholesterol & heart attacks?
LDL & HDL cholesterol

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