Allergy news

Notre Dame researchers make progress toward a treatment for dangerous allergies
Oct 09 13


Oral drops can give kids needle-free relief from asthma, allergies
May 06 13


Children with milk allergy may be ‘allergic to school’
May 02 13


People with peanut/tree nut allergies can minimize risk of reactions on airplane flights
Mar 14 13


Dual-purpose asthma inhalers more effective
Mar 05 13


Race linked to childhood food allergies, not environmental allergies
Feb 24 13


Air pollution primes children for asthma-related cockroach allergy
Feb 06 13


Geographic factors can cause allergies, asthma
Feb 04 13


Got food allergies? Thanks to UCLA, you can test your meal on the spot using a cell phone
Dec 13 12


Don’t let allergies drive you nuts
Dec 12 12


Chlorine in tap water linked to increase in number of people developing food allergies
Dec 04 12


Food allergies? Pesticides in tap water might be to blame
Dec 03 12


Socioeconomic Status Linked to Childhood Peanut Allergy
Nov 11 12


Children from middle class families more likely to suffer peanut allergy: research
Nov 09 12


Peanut allergies seen on the rise: study
Sep 12 12


Asthma symptoms could be aggravated by imbalance problems
Sep 01 12


Mom’s nut consumption tied to less allergy in kids
Jul 22 12


Egg allergies ‘treated with egg’
Jul 18 12


What hypoallergenic dog?
Jun 30 12


Food allergies more common in city kids
Jun 10 12


Why Hot, Humid Air Triggers Symptoms in Patients with Mild Asthma
Jun 06 12


Drug allergy discovery
May 25 12


Kids on cow farms may have fewer allergies
May 02 12


Researchers identify new regulator in allergic diseases
Mar 29 12


Low serum adiponectin levels predict future risk for asthma in women
Mar 23 12


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