Allergy news

Yale researchers beat untreatable eczema with arthritis drug
Jul 20 15


The role of the microbiota in preventing allergies
Jul 10 15


Emergency visits for childhood food allergy on rise in Illinois
Jun 26 15


Women hospitalized 60 percent more than men after emergency asthma treatment
May 05 15


UTMB study shows cost-effective expert recommended asthma test underutilized by physicians
May 04 15


Blood test predicts severity of peanut and seafood allergies
Apr 01 15


Spot treatment
Mar 19 15


Do genes play a role in peanut allergies? New study suggests - YES
Feb 24 15


Researchers discover promising targets for treating allergies and asthma
Feb 18 15


Children on Dairy Farms Less Likely to Develop Allergies
Jul 09 14


New Inhaled Drug Shows Promise Against Allergies, Asthma
Jul 03 14


Peanuts don’t panic parents as much as milk and eggs
Jun 26 14


Triggers and treatment of immediate-type allergic reactions
Jun 21 14


Scientists discover the basis of allergic reactions
Jun 05 14


A new approach to treating peanut and other food allergies
May 15 14


Drug therapy for allergy moves forward
May 13 14


$4M grant to improve asthma care for So Cal Latino youth
Mar 06 14


As one food allergy resolves, another may develop
Mar 02 14


Need relief from asthma? Communicating with your allergist is key
Jan 13 14


Low diversity of bacteria may increase the risk for asthma
Jan 07 14


Dying from a food allergy is less likely than being murdered
Nov 25 13


Introducing solid foods while continuing to breast feed could prevent child allergies
Nov 20 13


Discovery may lead to new treatments for allergic diseases
Nov 11 13


You can have a food allergy, and eat it too
Nov 08 13


Hope of new treatment for severe asthma patients
Oct 25 13

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