Allergy news

Panel says 3 asthma drugs should stay on market
Jul 14 05


Strawberry allergy can be taken as red
Jul 11 05


Asthma risk high for US-born Mexican American kids
Jul 08 05


Summer No Break From Kids’ Asthma Care
Jul 03 05


Bed encasings don’t curb dust mite allergies
Jul 01 05


Doctor Warns of Undetected Child Asthma
Jun 27 05


Link Between Gene Variants and Asthma Confirmed by Study
Jun 24 05


Most asthmatics experience flare-ups
Jun 16 05


Steroid nose drops ease sinusitis
Jun 14 05


Asthma and panic disorder related in young adults
Jun 07 05

Individuals with Asthma appear to have an increased risk of developing Panic disorder, and the presence of panic disorder predicts subsequent asthma activity, according to new research.


Irregular periods may up risk of asthma, hay fever
May 26 05


Astelin wins by a nose over Zyrtec
May 17 05


Acetaminophen linked to risk of respiratory ills
May 03 05


Asthma and COPD: differences and similarities.
May 03 05


A connection between allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma?
May 03 05


Nasal filters prevent hay fever symptoms
Apr 23 05


Birth order, allergies tied to risk of lymphoma
Apr 22 05

Both allergies and a person’s place in the sibling pecking order may influence the risk of developing the blood cancer non-Hodgkin lymphoma, new study findings…


New compound may prevent allergies
Apr 18 05


Benefits of allergen immunotherapy persist
Apr 18 05

A three- to five-year course of allergen immunotherapy remains effective for more than five years after discontinuation of the shots, suggest the results of a survey of immunotherapy patients…


Peanut allergy linked to lupin flour allergy
Apr 17 05


Pimecrolimus cream quickly eases eczema in infants
Apr 17 05


Allergies less likely for women with several kids
Apr 17 05


‘Good’ bacteria help with eczema in infants
Apr 15 05


Light therapy controls hay fever, researchers say
Apr 14 05


Allergy agony begins early
Apr 09 05


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