Allergy news

Test to improve peanut allergy diagnosis
Mar 21 12


Anti-IgE Drug Speeds Up Allergy Therapy
Mar 08 12


Moms Mistakenly Claim Own Food Allergies
Mar 07 12


Food Allergy Common in Joint Disorder
Mar 04 12


Molecule That Offers Hope For Future Allergy Treatments Discovered
Feb 17 12


Adding Proton Pump Inhibitor to Treat Poorly Controlled Asthma in Children Does Not Improve Symptoms
Jan 25 12


Accelerated infant growth increases risk of future asthma symptoms in children
Jan 20 12


Getting a Cat Ups Allergy Risk in Adults
Jan 03 12


Love Your Pet - Not Your Allergy?
Nov 06 11


Six Tips to Ensure Allergies and Asthma Don’t Ruin Holiday Cheer
Oct 29 11


Vitamin C may be beneficial for asthmatic children
Aug 30 11


Using Powder-Free Latex Gloves Reduces Latex Allergy Rate in Health Care Workers
Aug 17 11


National asthma genetics consortium releases first results
Aug 01 11


Childhood pets linked to lower allergy risk
Jul 24 11


Gastric bacterium Helicobacter pylori protects against asthma
Jul 03 11


Food allergies affect 1 in 12 kids: study
Jun 20 11


Early exposure to pets does not increase children’s risk of allergies
Jun 14 11


The role of bacteria in asthma and the potential for antibiotic treatment
May 23 11


Peanut-eating blood donors spark allergic reaction
May 18 11


Cockroach allergens in homes associated with prevalence of childhood asthma in some neighborhoods
May 17 11


New tool to assess asthma-related anxiety
May 05 11


World Asthma Day: NIH Research Advances Help People with Asthma
May 03 11


For Allergy and Asthma Sufferers, A Change in Diet Can Be a Key to Comfort
Apr 19 11


Many restaurant staff are undertrained and misinformed about food allergies
Apr 14 11


Young asthmatics are leaving emergency rooms missing critical documentation
Mar 25 11


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