Women eating bananas anti-headache

Professional women’s migraines are closely related with the work pressure. Clinical survey also found that many professional women suffering from migraine headaches often have such a feeling, when overtime, irritability, busy, long after using the brain, migraine headaches will likely appear larger. 1 Affiliated Hospital of Henan College of neurology, said Dr. Jin Jie, migraine headache, “preference” female, to professional women more prominent.

Therefore, the importance of the elimination of tension irritable mood, you can try behavior therapy. Recently hit the humor in the martial arts drama “Legend of Martial Arts”, the Touch of Zen Guo Furong very easy to get angry, so Lvxiu only taught her a way to be angry at the time of the first say a few words like “world so wonderful, but I such a temper, this is not good, not good ... ... “Sure enough, Guo Furong said it in the angry words, when a temper on small lot.

If for the work of tension, irritability, want to lose my temper before deep breath in one breath, and I feel it will calm down. In general, we must learn to relax anywhere, anytime. In addition, if the migraine headache has really come need not be afraid, take a deep breath after the massage the temples with your fingers, respectively, the wind pool Point, a few minutes later, you will find that the symptoms have been somewhat alleviated.

Some studies have shown that diet is closely related to migraine headaches. The survey found that canned food, frozen food, meat, cooked ham and other food categories containing nitrite and other ingredients can also trigger migraine generation. Thus, migraine headaches women are reversed as soon as possible. Eat magnesium food such as bananas, nuts, seafood and so on.

If the headache is very severe, but also choose a number of blood circulation, wind-dispersing, soothe the nerves to adjust the class of Chinese medicine, such as wind, Angelica, Chrysanthemum, Chuanxiong so. In addition, Chinese medicine hospital also available to conduct regular acupuncture treatment.

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