Top Proven Health Benefits of Fish Oil

The daily taking of fish oil and fish oil supplements has exploded in recent years. This is because the extreme health benefits which taking your daily dosage of fish oil brings is no longer a myth of the past or the “grandmother’s recipe” that mysteriously cures a million sicknesses. It’s now a well studied, scientifically researched and medically proven dietary supplement that is commonly used and recommended by doctors and medical practicioners all around the world to help treat and prevent a wide range of medical conditions. The reason is that fish oil contains a high proportion of “omega 3 fatty acids” (most importantly EPA & DHA), something which we as humans need to grow, develop and function normally. These days, fish oil and fish supplements are so essential in our diets that they are as commonly found on store shelves as headache relief pills and are available for purchase anywhere in the world from supermarkets and deli’s to chemists, pharmacies and health food stores.

Reduces Post-Partum Depression

The benefits of fish oil are not only for babies when a pregnant or nursing mom takes the supplements.

While noted above that fish oil eases the symptoms of depression, post-partum depression deserves a category all its own because past treatments have either been ineffective, complicated or have required moms to stop nursing their newborns.

Fish oil is in a class of its own, since it not only reduces and helps prevent post-partum depression (if taken throughout pregnancy), but it allows moms to continue nursing, which is discouraged because antidepressants are not healthy for babies to ingest (via breast milk).

The Associated Press reports that this may open a new door for physicians struggling to help mothers eliminate post-partum depression and still breastfeed and bond with their babies.

It’s now well understood and accepted by most doctors and clinicians that omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil are highly beneficial. Many experiments and scientific research has been conducted over the last few years to determine how useful fish oil is in our diets when taken regularly and consistently and the results of these tests are astonishing. You only need to scour the millions of medical journals of scientific research and conclusions that have been drawn as a result of this research, to realise that there is a consistently positive chain of conclusions that resonates from fish oil research organisations, hospitals and clinics.

So, what exactly are the scientifically proven fish oil benefits and fish oil supplement benefits? We’ll begin by explaining the significant health advantages you can gain by taking the recommended daily intake of fish oil or fish oil supplements and then elaborate on how fish oil is being used to help prevent and treat specific conditions.

Firstly, EPA & DHA, the two fundamental components of fish oil and fish oil supplements, are extremely important omega 3 fatty acids which are now being used to help prevent and treat the following diseases and symptoms:

- Arthritis
- Migraine headaches
- High blood pressure
- Diabetes
- Breast Cancer
- Gastric ulcers
- Cardiac arrhythmia
- Polymyalgia rheumatica
- Inflammatory bowel diseases
- Bronchial Asthma
- Rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis
- Skin conditions (such as Psoriasis & Eczema)
- High cholesterol and triglyceride levels
- Depression
- Stress
- Poor memory or brain disfunction
- Poor concentration
- Bipolar
- Schizophrenia as well as a wide variety of mental ilnesses
- General maintenance and enhancement of bodily functions

May Slow Breast Tumor Growth

Omega-3 essential fatty acids have been proven by research to slow cancer growth, as stated by the American Association for Cancer Research at its 2009 annual meeting.

Further studies have been conducted specifically regarding breast cancer and fish oil, and while the results have varied, there are positive indicators that the benefits of fish oil include slowing of cancerous cell growth, particularly in breast cancer.

Scientific research shows that women who have a high risk of breast cancer may largely benefit from taking fish oil or fish oil supplements because the DHA contained within the fish oil or fish supplement actually causes the death of MCF-7 breast cancer cells both in vitro and in vivo. Such promising research has called for further studies and very soon we will know the extent to which fish oil and fish oil supplements will play a role in preventing and/or treating breast cancer in the near future.

Provides Relief From Crohn’s Disease And Colitis

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are two digestive diseases that cause much suffering for those they afflict.

Often, the treatments are extremely expensive and can include surgery to remove sections of the intestines and colon, which is painful and life-altering.

Benefits of fish oil when taken to treat Crohn’s disease and colitis have been found in that the fish oil actually heals the ulcers in the colon and intestines. This is a huge leap in the search for a cure for these terrible diseases.

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