Omaha Gets Money to Fight Childhood Obesity

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is trying to combat the obesity problem by distributing over 372 million dollars in grants. Some of that money is being sent right here to Douglas County.

While a study shows obesity becoming more of a problem across the country, the stats in Douglas Country don’t paint a great picture either.

When it comes to the Omaha youth, the numbers become even more disturbing. But thanks to a 5.7 million dollar grant, Omahans will have a better chance to fight this problem head on.

The grant money will go towards more signs for community trails, more parks and green spaces.It will also focus on adding physical activity standards and limiting sweetened beverages in after school programs.

Douglas County was one of 44 communities awarded with a grant. The money will also help introduce healthy corner stores in the community.

WorldNow and KPTM

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