Job Stress Harmful for Health, Leads to Obesity

A new study conducted by the researchers at University of Rochester Medical Center found that chronic job stress and deficit of exercise could lead to obesity. The study also revealed that 72 to 75 percent of the working population who were assessed under the study turned out to be overweight.

Diana Fernandez, the leader of the research, an epidemiologist at the URMC Department of Community and Preventive Medicine commented that her research has highlighted the positive correlation between high job pressure and cardiovascular disease, depression, exhaustion, anxiety symptoms.

She further said, “In a poor economy, companies should take care of the people who survive layoffs and end up staying in stressful jobs. It is important to focus on strengthening wellness programs to provide good nutrition, ways to deal with job demands, and more opportunities for physical activity that are built into the regular workday without penalty”.

Another study discovered that diet comprising of fruits and vegetables helped in cutting the effect of the job stress on weight gain, but on the other hand, exercise helped significantly in combating with stress and keeping the body health.

Prakash Sharma
Topnews Network

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