Is Bottled Water Any Better than Tap Water?

How much do you spend on bottled water? If you buy certain brands thinking the water is cleaner or safer, experts say you may as well be pouring money down the drain. When it comes to some brands of bottled water versus tap—there may not be a sip of difference.

“There is no guarantee that bottled water is any better than tap water. Twenty-five percent of bottled water is actually just repackaged tap water,” says Jane Sadler, M.D., family medicine physician on the medical staff at Baylor Medical Center at Garland.

Bottled water is regulated by the FDA, but when it’s packaged and sold in the same state—which is the case with around 60 percent of bottled waters—it becomes exempt from FDA regulations.

“In fact, it’s been shown some bottled waters do not meet EPA standards so you really have to be careful in your selection of bottled waters. Make sure you know the company that’s producing it,” adds Dr. Sadler.

Dr. Sadler adds that it’s also important to pay attention to the how the water is processed.

“Be sure that you’re getting water that’s been distilled or that’s been processed through reverse osmosis.”

But experts say that filling your cup at the tap can be just as clean and healthy.
“We know that tap water is highly regulated by the EPA and we know that tap water is generally safe,” says Dr. Sadler.

Also, how you store your bottled water is critical. Water should not be kept at anything above room temperature. Leaving water for days in a hot car for instance can cause bacteria in the water to multiply.

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Source: Baylor Health Care System

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