Headaches during menopause can degenerate to find out what you can do

In the midst of life called the phenomenon of menopause are changes in headache type, duration and intensity more often. Throbbing, explosive headaches can pain the sides of the head, and your energy is completely exhausted. The lowest opening of the eyes may burst a wave of pain on one side, causing the head fragile, so that the physical ruin. Menopause is known, however unpleasant, often intolerable increase in symptoms.

Menopause and headache changes, in particular,The cause repetitive migraine headaches regularly, which is located on one side of the head. During menopause a woman’s hormonal system goes wrong, in part because estrogen does not produce at normal prices.

Most women just before the end of a menstrual cycle of life to discover that the levels of progesterone can be reduced significantly, causing symptoms such as headache, have never worsen, or those who have them.

During menopause, the other things like foodCheese, avocado, nuts, tender meat and chocolate are known to cause a headache. Find Other factors that a woman must meet certain medications such as oral contraceptives, changes in time, fatigue, and alcoholic beverages.

During these changes, headache, walls of blood vessels in the brain to expand and closing fast, as well as welcome a response to pain and suffering of the nerve. ? ? pulsating sensation in my head, because this physical reaction. During menopause,signal that a migraine is coming often.

Some women receive a warning, the vision may change suddenly, or bright spots or zig-zag lines are visible. They report experiencing double vision, and temporary, in some cases, partial blindness. Sometimes these changes can be followed by numbness and tingling in the lips, face, hands, weakness of an arm or a leg.

You need attention to symptoms such as dizziness, pay extreme mental and physical fatigue, insecurity in walking,slight confusion of thought and light pushing the speech. Each of these programs can be set for an indication of a migraine. The intensity of the headache can build until you have a power button, headache, usually affecting one side of the head. There are also headaches that occur immediately.

These are very common and women report that these headaches can last from a few hours a day in extreme cases. In severe cases, migraines can cause vomiting and extremeSensitivity to light and noise.

If you want a quick fix, migraine, a technique that helps some women, is breathing into a paper bag. Inhale and exhale carbon dioxide of a document can be re-recorded and disposed of or caused by the effect of reducing the anxiety attacks. With a cold pack and help sometimes applying heat to the surrounding environment.

Try to stay in a dark room and are still as you can bring relief in cases of migraine hit. Lie OffersRelaxation, which is to reduce the pain of crucial importance. If you know yoga, this is a good time to put them into practice. So, take slow, deep breaths to let your attention, watch your belly rise and fall of the Spirit Marine (reassured).

Some benefit to women in evening primrose oil, progesterone cream and tea dandelion to detoxify the liver. Of course there are some women with symptoms who need the drugs as strong as imitrex. You must follow the advice of a doctor.

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