Geisinger Obesity Expert to Address Nation’s Lt. Governors

Director of Geisinger’s Obesity Institute Christopher D. Still, D.O., will address the Federal-State Relations Meeting of the National Lieutenant Governors Association (NLGA) in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, March 18. Dr. Still’s talk will focus on the economic burden of obesity on every U.S. state and territory, and what we can do about it.

“Obesity is clearly more than a cosmetic issue,” said Dr. Still, “it’s our nation’s most manageable health issue today. Unmanaged, it’s also one of our nation’s most expensive health issues because it drives healthcare costs, employer costs and increases the percentage of disability.”

Dr. Still said he is honored to have the opportunity to address the nation’s lieutenant governors and hopes to be able to influence their thinking on the economic impact of coverage for weight management medications and bariatric surgery, as indicated.

Dr. Still, an internist, also serves as Director of Geisinger’s Center for Nutrition and Weight Management. He also is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Penn State and Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at Temple University School of Medicine.

About Geisinger Obesity Institute
Geisinger’s Obesity Institute, a collaborative effort between researchers at Geisinger’s Center for Clinical Studies, the Weis Center for Research, and the Center for Health Research, leverages Geisinger’s numerous population and laboratory based research efforts and resources into an interdisciplinary, system-wide program that facilitates, sustains, and supports obesity research and interventions for patients within the Geisinger Health System. Institute investigations focus on identifying preventative lifestyle modifications, studying pharmacological, surgical and treatment options, and applying state-of-the-art molecular approaches to obesity and associated health conditions. The Institute is also supported by two of the most active and comprehensive clinical obesity programs in the country: Geisinger’s Pediatric Program and Geisinger’s Center for Nutrition and Weight Management and bariatric surgery.

About Geisinger Health System
Geisinger is a $2.1 billion integrated health services organization widely recognized for its innovative use of the electronic health record, and the development and implementation of innovative care models including advanced medical home and ProvenCare (“warranty”) program. The system serves more than 2 million residents throughout 41 counties in central and northeastern Pennsylvania.

Source:  Geisinger Health System

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