Fighting obesity

Cribbage and a couple cups of coffee- That’s how these men like to spend their mornings at The Rite Place in Bellevue. It’s something they’ve been doing for awhile and don’t want it to change.  Another thing they don’t want to change is their menu.

“How can the government stop you from eating what you want?” said Don Liedergren.

Don Liedergren from De pere says the health care law along with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move Campaign” is too much government control.

The campaign, aimed at curbing childhood obesity has recently gotten a boost from the government. It’s working on a full report that when finalized will include about 70 recommendations. Some of those include serving healthier foods in schools, reducing the marketing of unhealthy foods, and a call for pediatricians to regularly check the body mass index of children during their checkups. It does call for government regulation as a last resort.

Joe Stodola say the government should stay out of it.

Our founding father’s are rolling over in their graves,” said Joe Stodola.

The C-E-O of Prevea Heath, Dr. Ashok Rai says childhood obesity is epidemic.

“It’s probably one of the worst disease processes were dealing with because it not only effects our children. It’s going to effect the future of America because childhood obesity translates into significant adult problems whether its diabetes or heart disease, “said Dr. Ashok Rai.

Some recommendations include asking restaurants to look at their portion sizes, and posting calories on menus.

Julie Vanrite, who manages the Rite Place says it would be a lot of work to make those changes.

“I think the government steps in enough and I think they should leave it up to us. Let the people decide what they want to eat,” said Julie Vanrite.

Josh Thomas from West De Pere thinks childhood obesity is a big enough problem for the government to get involved.

“I think it’s a good idea to keep kids active and regulate their diets somewhat because otherwise I think a lot of kids are overweightm,” said Josh Thomas.

He thinks Michelle Obama’s campaign is aimed at giving people more information to make better choices.

Dr. Rai agrees education is the key and thinks it should start with the parents.

“If we’re concentrating on adult wellness it will translate into helping with childhood obesity. If the parents are going to be more active, the children will be more active,” said Dr. Rai.

He says the most frustrating thing about the obesity epidemic is that we know the cure. And it goes back to the basics, exercise and proper diet.

Reporter: Liz Lohuis

Provided by ArmMed Media