Fight that obesity!

Being overweight can trigger multiple health problems. It’s essential to maintain a balance

Obesity is defined as an excessively high amount of body fat or adipose tissue in relation to lean body mass.

Desirable weight standards or the Body Mass Index (BMI) represents weight-to-height ratios, associated with the lowest risks to overall health. An individual is classified as overweight when their BMI is in the range of 25-29.9 and obese when their BMI is 30 and over.

Young adults are especially afflicted by this condition. Many studies have proven that overweight children become overweight adults. Indian babies, in particular, have a higher body fat content compared to Caucasian babies and are naturally predisposed to weight gain as a result.

Obesity increases the risk of life-threatening conditions, including Type II diabetes, high BP, heart disease, sleep disorders, cancer (colon, rectal and prostate in men and breast, uterine, cervical and ovarian in women), liver disease, joint problems, eating disorders, asthma, depression, anxiety and feeling of alienation from society.

Poor eating habits:
Greater access to caloriedense, processed, sodium-rich food and drinks.

Sedentary lifestyle:
Spending increasing amounts of time doing stationary activities such as computer usage or watching TV.

Mutations in certain genes controlling appetite and metabolism.

Lack of open spaces:
Adults and children alike have no access to open grounds for physical activity.

Psychological factors:
Low self-esteem and feelings of depression are often both causes and results of obesity in young adults.

Healthy eating habits:
In early childhood, children should be given healthy, low-fat snacks as well as regular servings of fruits and vegetables.

Regular physical activity:
Small changes like walking to work if possible, opting for the stairs instead of taking the lift, going for a brisk 20-minute walk daily.

Limit fast foods:
Don’t have junk food more than once a week.

Bariatric surgery:
The treatment depends on your level of obesity, overall health condition and motivation to lose weight.


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