Doctor invents device for migraine sufferers

Dr. Bahman Guyuron is known for his groundbreaking work in treating migraines through surgery and botox injections, so it’s quite common for the plastic surgeon to see many migraine sufferers.

Two years ago, with those patients in mind, the Chairman of Plastic Surgery for University Hospitals in Cleveland started working on a device which offers continuous targeted hot and cold therapy. It’s a machine that acts a little like an ice pack or a heating pad.

Dr. Guyuron said SootheAway works well in the cooling mode for patients who feel a migraine coming on, and sometimes the cooling therapy can even abort the migraine by interrupting the beginning of the domino effect that leads to the headache.

“Anything that is going to reduce the inflammation is going to reduce the pain,” he said.

Sandra Eintstein of Gates Mills, Ohio has suffered from debilitating headaches her whole life. They are especially problematic now since she owns her own business.  A migraine can keep her from working for a whole week.

She is one of about 100 people who have bought the SootheAway so far.

The device hasn’t cured her headaches, but says when she feels a headache coming on, she’ll lie down with it for about half an hour.

“I am able to get up and do some things rather than just be in bed for the rest of the day or evening,” she said.

The device also has other therapeutic uses.  Dr. Guyuron said he uses it in his practice for post surgery patients and patients who are getting injectible cosmetic treatments.

The device is designed to be used just as an ice pack or heating pad would be used.

It costs $300 and comes with one pad.  Additional pads are $40.

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