Disorder makes man’s scalp look like brain

A Brazilian man is suffering from an unusual disorder that makes his scalp look like the surface of his brain.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the 21-year-old unnamed man has been diagnosed with cutis verticis gyrata, a condition that forms folds and furrows on the scalp.

The man’s hair is also affected, with it growing thicker between the ridges on his head.

Doctors said the disease was sometimes linked to other brain-related disorders, but a biopsy had revealed the problem was primarily cosmetic in this case.

“No intervention was attempted because the patient had no associated disorders and the condition did not bother him cosmetically,” they said.

Cutis verticis gyrata is more common in men than women, and usually develops soon after puberty, according to NBC News.

Researchers are not yet sure what causes the changes, but the Brazilian man has no health concerns related to the disorder, and continues to be comfortable with his appearance.

Source: NBC News, New England Journal of Medicine

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