Brain Freeze
May 28 04

Have you ever wondered what triggers an ice cream headache?

Sometimes when you eat something cold, especially ice cream, it touches the top of… Brain Freeze   


The Aches and Pains of Weather
May 28 04

For centuries, people with back pain have complained that their symptoms worsen with changes in humidity and barometric pressure.

Despite that long history, however,… The Aches and Pains of Weather   


Shin Splints
May 28 04

Shin splints are usually caused by inflammation or injury to the shin muscles. The predominant symptom is a sharp, searing type of pain along… Shin Splints   


Many people not treated for pain
May 27 04

At least half of patients in Europe with muscle or joint pain are not receiving treatment, research suggests.

Researchers surveyed almost 6,000 people with… Many people not treated for pain   

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