Nutrition and Food Safety

Food allergies and food intolerance
Aug 17 11

Some children can enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day. Others cannot even be in the same room with a peanut butter… Food allergies and food intolerance   


Consumer’s Role in Food Safety
Aug 17 11

Starting in the thirteenth century,  English bakers worked under laws that controlled the quality and price of bread. There followed a succession of laws… Consumer’s Role in Food Safety   


Food and Drug Administration - Regulation of food safety
Aug 17 11

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  was initiated in 1906 when Congress passed the Food and Drug Act and charged the agency with prohibiting… Food and Drug Administration  - Regulation of food safety   


Developing Food Safety Measures
Aug 17 11

Over time,  as the food supply was transferred more and more from local farm families into the hands of food producers and merchants,  more… Developing Food Safety Measures   


Overview of Food Production
Aug 17 11

Colonial America was a farming society.  As of 1776,  90%  of Americans were farmers. Today, less than 1% of Americans claim farming as their… Overview of Food Production   


History of food safety
Aug 17 11

It is likely that the first prehistoric people to enjoy a meal of roasted meat were delighted at how much better it tasted compared… History of food safety   


Introduction to food safety
Aug 17 11

Food safety was far from dance instructor Stephanie Smith’s mind as she enjoyed the hamburger her mother prepared for dinner one fall Sunday in… Introduction to food safety   

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