Cancer: Lung

Lung cancer different in nonsmokers
Aug 18 04

Among individuals who develop lung cancer, there appear to be differences between smokers and nonsmokers in survival rates and in individuals patient characteristics, researchers… Lung cancer different in nonsmokers   


Celebrex Prevents Abnormal-Cell Spread
Jul 23 04

Researchers in Houston are studying an arthritis drug to see whether it can reverse lung damage caused by years of smoking.

They say… Celebrex Prevents Abnormal-Cell Spread   


Chemo prolongs survival after lung cancer surgery
Jun 09 04

Researchers this week reported brighter prospects for patients with lung cancer.

For the first time, a large clinical trial has shown that combination chemotherapy… Chemo prolongs survival after lung cancer surgery   


Treatments boost lung cancer survival
Jun 06 04

In findings doctors say could save the lives of thousands of lung cancer patients a year, two new studies reported here Saturday show that… Treatments boost lung cancer survival   


Women smokers have same lung cancer risk as men
Jun 01 04

Contrary to what has been suggested by recent studies, women do not seem to have a higher risk than men for developing lung cancer… Women smokers have same lung cancer risk as men   


Lung cancer ‘different in women’
May 27 04

Lung cancer is a different disease in women than it is in men, researchers have said.

The female hormone oestrogen is partly to blame,… Lung cancer ‘different in women’   

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