Sexual Health News

Medical condition that causes 100 orgasms a day?
Aug 29 12


As circumcision declines, health costs will go up, study projects
Aug 21 12


Research links sexual imagery and consumer impatience
Jul 26 12


Women with diabetes may have more problems with sex
Jul 24 12


Efforts to cut risky sexual behavior by U.S. teens stall
Jul 24 12


A study Shows that Men and Women Have the Same Sexual Fantasies
Jul 18 12


German verdict to delay circumcision, not ban it, jurist says
Jun 30 12


LA BioMed investigator Dr. Christina Wang spearheads study on new male contraceptive gel
Jun 28 12


CPAP found to improve sexual function, satisfaction in men with sleep apnea
Jun 13 12


IU bisexuality studies focus on health, behavior and identity
May 29 12


Blasting music tied to drinking and drugs: study
May 21 12


Many pregnant women may not get STD tests
May 16 12


Researchers Survey Doctors for Opinions on Controversial HPV Vaccine
May 13 12


Fast-acting erectile dysfunction drug Stendra approved by FDA
Apr 30 12


FDA approves Vivus’s fast-acting Viagra rival
Apr 28 12


FDA approves Vivus drug for erectile dysfunction
Apr 27 12


Women overestimate effectiveness of Pill, condoms
Apr 27 12


In Child Sexual Abuse, Strangers Aren’t the Greatest Danger
Apr 14 12


Most women on dialysis may experience sexual problems
Apr 06 12


Male Menopause: Holding Back the Years
Mar 29 12


HPV Infection Rate Down After Vaccine Approval
Mar 29 12


Teens may have trouble getting morning-after pill
Mar 26 12


Getting a vasectomy timed to March Madness?
Mar 18 12


Vigorous exercise may increase infertility, but how much is too much?
Mar 18 12


Fat In Diet Linked To Sperm Count
Mar 14 12

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