Sexual Health News

Husbands who do more traditionally female housework have less sex
Jan 30 13


Erection problems signal heart disease risk
Jan 30 13


New LGBT Health journal launching in 2013
Jan 28 13


Adolescent sexual and reproductive health priorities identified
Jan 24 13


New study examines on/off relationships and ‘sex with an ex’ among teenagers and young adults
Jan 23 13


New study reveals sex to be pleasurable with or without use of a condom or lubricant
Jan 23 13


Semen quality of young men in south-east Spain down by 38 percent in the last decade
Jan 18 13


VA finds sexual assaults more common in war zones
Dec 27 12


Study finds epigenetics, not genetics, underlies homosexuality
Dec 11 12


French men not producing as much sperm
Dec 05 12


Men with erection problems are 3 times more likely to have inflamed gums
Dec 04 12


Fitness for toad sperm: the secret is to mate frequently
Dec 04 12


Scientists at the Institute of Molecular Biology identify key event for sex determination
Nov 27 12


Sperm length variation is not a good sign
Nov 13 12


Study reveals genetic causes of a male infertility disorder
Oct 25 12


Does True Love Wait? Age of First Sexual Experience Predicts Romantic Outcomes in Adulthood
Oct 17 12


FGM significantly reduces sexual quality of life, suggests new study
Oct 10 12


Intervention reduces sexual risk behavior and unintended preganancies in teen girls, study finds
Oct 09 12


Predicting erectile dysfunction from prostate cancer treatment
Sep 26 12


“Sexting” again linked to risky sex among teens
Sep 18 12


Study suggests gap in treatment of sexually transmitted diseases among teens
Sep 17 12


New York approves tougher regulations on circumcision
Sep 14 12


Male birth control pill may be ready soon, says Texas A-M professor
Sep 05 12


Magazines jeopardize and empower young women’s sexuality
Sep 05 12


Circumcision Benefits Outweigh Risks, Doctors Say
Aug 29 12


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