Sexual Health News

Circumcision Tied to Drop in Herpes, Too
Mar 07 12


Vaccine Reduces HPV Infections in Young Men
Mar 02 12


Porn industry may boogie out of L.A. over condom law
Feb 28 12


Prevalence of improper condom use a public health issue worldwide
Feb 22 12


New study highlights sexual behavior and condom use in the U.S. among individuals ages 14 to 94
Feb 14 12


Eczema tied to higher impotence risk
Feb 08 12


New Vaccine Recommendations for Boys and Diabetics
Feb 04 12


A Lonely Heart Can Make You Sick
Feb 04 12


Sonicating sperm - the future of male contraception
Jan 30 12


Oral HPV infection, HPV-related cancers more common in men
Jan 27 12


Los Angeles mandates porn stars wear condoms
Jan 19 12


Some girls overestimate HPV vaccine protection
Jan 03 12


Group sex among adolescents a public health concern, new study says
Dec 16 11


Unwanted Online Sexual Exposures Decline for Youth, New UNH Research Finds
Dec 15 11


Alcohol can lead to unsafe sex: It’s official
Dec 12 11


Freshman women’s binge drinking tied to sexual assault risk
Dec 08 11


AIDS group seeks Los Angeles referendum on porn star condom use
Dec 06 11


Germany offers therapy to child sex abuse victims
Dec 01 11


Laptop Wi-Fi said to nuke sperm, but caveats abound
Nov 29 11


Study debunks stereotype that men think about sex all day long
Nov 28 11


Stigma among HIV-positive women complex and overlapping
Nov 23 11


Your sperm are what you eat, study suggests
Nov 20 11


Study finds sex a significant predictor of happiness among married seniors
Nov 20 11


Adolescent Sex Linked to Adult Body, Mood Troubles in Animal Study
Nov 16 11


Experts Available to Discuss the Impact of Sexual Abuse on Children
Nov 16 11


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