Sexual Health News

Erectile dysfunction study shows high prevalence of peripheral neuropathy
Nov 15 11


Abused girls may have higher risk of heart disease, stroke as adults
Nov 13 11


Medtronic tests stent for erectile dysfunction
Oct 20 11


Men with disabilities 4 times more likely to be sexually abused than men without disabilities
Oct 11 11


Sexting driven by peer pressure
Sep 30 11


More youngsters having unsafe sex, study shows
Sep 27 11


People learn while they sleep, study suggests
Sep 27 11


Dutch doctors urge end to male circumcision
Sep 23 11


Email sexual advice study highlights problems raised by different ages and cultures
Sep 22 11


Increased responsibility could lead to decreased sexual activity among women
Sep 21 11


Older women lack important information about sexual health
Sep 14 11


Sexual coercion common among students in Uganda
Sep 08 11


Intoxication important in determining when some men commit sexual aggression
Sep 07 11


Protecting adolescent girls from unwanted unprotected sex
Sep 06 11


Songs about sex – how they affect kids
Sep 06 11


Male circumcision rates at hospitals dip: CDC
Sep 02 11


Treatments, symptoms for low testosterone in men
Aug 31 11


Sexual satisfaction tied to overall ‘successful aging’ as reported by women age 60 to 89
Aug 25 11


When erectile dysfunction isn’t whole story
Aug 23 11


Extramarital sex and divorce more common among veterans
Aug 22 11


Boys reach sexual maturity younger and younger
Aug 18 11


Message to Gay Soldiers: It’s Your Army Too
Aug 18 11


A New Line of Defense Against Sexual Assault
Aug 09 11


Male circumcision lowers prevalence of penile precancerous lesions among African men, UNC study find
Jul 28 11


Couples report gender differences in relationship, sexual satisfaction over time
Jul 05 11


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