Extra Vigilance Crucial for Those with High Blood Pressure

For people with hypertension, the damage of unhealthy eating can have particularly negative consequences.

About one in four Americans has hypertension, a disease that elevates blood pressure and can lead to a host of serious problems including heart attacks and strokes.

“I tell patients to allow themselves one special meal occasionally, but not to continue unhealthy eating habits for several days or weeks,” said Dr. Shawna Nesbitt, hypertension specialist at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

People with hypertension also need to remember to take prescribed medication, and not skip doses.

“Life is about tradeoffs. If you know you’re going to have an ample dinner with a lot of salt, you need to have a very low-sodium breakfast and lunch,” Dr. Nesbitt said. “And be sure you don’t go over your daily salt limit.”

Those with hypertension should eat no more than about 1,500 milligrams of salt each day.
Source:  UT Southwestern Medical Center

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