Glasgow worst for blood pressure and cholesterol

The residents of Glasgow and Huddersfield have the worst levels of cholesterol and blood pressure according to a survey of over 70,000 people across Britain, research sponsor Flora pro.activ said on Wednesday.

The findings showed over half (56 percent) of adults in the UK have cholesterol above the recommended level of 5 millimoles per litre (mmol/l).

Nearly three quarters (73 percent) had levels above optimal blood pressure (over 130/85 mmHg).

The study found that Glasgow, Huddersfield and Norwich had average cholesterol levels of 5.4 mmol/l, the highest in the country.

Glasgow and Huddersfield also had the highest percentage of residents with above optimal blood pressure, at 83.4 percent and 81.9 percent respectively, with Stoke-on-Trent having the third highest percentage at 81.8 percent.

The seaside resort of Brighton emerged as the healthiest location, with average cholesterol of 5 mmol/l and with just 36 percent of residents having above optimal blood pressure.

“Cholesterol and blood pressure are key risk factors for maintaining a healthy heart,” said Alan Rees, a member of the medical and scientific committee of cholesterol charity HEART UK.

“Of the 70,000-plus people tested as part of this campaign, the average age was just under 52 years old, and young people need to think about their blood pressure and cholesterol levels at an earlier age to prevent heart health problems in the future.”

The study “Testing the Nation’s Hearts” was launched in April 2006 and tested people in 150 locations across the UK.

It was run by Flora pro.activ, a Unilever brand of cholesterol-reducing and blood-pressure-reducing food products, which gave one pound to HEART UK for each person tested.

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Revision date: July 4, 2011
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