What You Should Know About How Smoking Could Cause High Blood Pressure

Arteries are arteries that carry the blood from the heart to other parts of your body. Raised blood pressure will occur if the blood can’t pass through these arteries at a normal pace. In relation to smoking, the nicotine content of cigarettes or tobacco causes the arteries to constrict.

The blood in circulation isn’t able to pass through while the building pressure of the suppressed blood flow will result to a transient rise in the blood pressure. During this time, the heart has a tendency to beat at a quicker rate.

Smoking hurts the arterial walls and accelerates the toughening of the arteries. It’s a major risk factor for any kind of heart illness ( CVD ). When you smoke, you are doubling the chance of having the CVD Problems. Additionally, smoking could cause brain attack, coronary, stroke, and leg pains leading to amputation due to poor blood circulation.

Other than nicotine, cigarettes contain carbon monoxide making both contents highly perilous substances. In turn, this could deplete the oxygen supply causing the heart to work faster giving rise to elevated blood pressure.

Carbon monoxide used as commercial gas coming from the combustion of petrol is assessed as a fatal gas because of the dangerous effect on the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein underwater blood cells that is accountable for carrying oxygen. Inhaled carbon monoxide will bind itself to the hemoglobin and will lead to oxygen starvation.

Shortage of oxygen will affect the lungs, which consequentially stimulates the arterial veins of the lungs to harden. Blood flow will now become complicated in the lung area to the point of suppressing the blood flow. Blood pressure will build up, elevating it to high blood pressure level.

Therefore, high blood pressure is common among long time smokers and those that recently stopped. If smoking is stopped within a period of eighteen months, arterial and cardiovascular disorders will be minimized and will return the blood oxygen to ordinary level.

Varied evidences have tied cigarettes and tobacco products as potential health dangers. It only needs will power to give up. The results of the nicotine and carbon monoxide substances only make your heart and lungs vulnerable to cardiovascular and pulmonary aberrations that may be further complex by hypertension.

Likewise, by giving up, you are not only doing this as a favor to oneself but additionally to the people around you particularly the instant members of your family. The effect is far worse to them who are medically thought of as secondary smokers, certain to develop the same illnesses including raised blood pressure.

By Ray Jennings

Provided by ArmMed Media